Interval fasting 16/8 - harm or benefit?

The essence of the technique: only the facts

As adherents of this technique explain, the essence of such a diet-starvation lies in the day's full nutrition for a maximum of 8 hours, and then the rest of the day - mouth to lock, no food, only water (and without the slightest crust of bread!). And such a regime of fasting - every day, well, if it is hard - every other day. But you must comply with the conditions strictly. It would seem that all is well, and those “experts” that promote this technique, beautifully paint its charms. But now doctors are not in a hurry to praise this system, moreover, they claim: it will cause serious harm to the majority of the hungry. It may not be immediate, but the metabolism of such a diet significantly violate, and then the hormones, immunity and protection from stress ....

So, let's sort it all on the shelves!

When describing the benefits of diet, it is said that modern people consume more energy than they need for activity, and no one will argue with that.As well as with the statement that excess weight and obesity threatens with serious heart diseases, arteriosclerosis of the vessels and type II diabetes. However, it should immediately be noted that the fact that prolonged interruptions in nutrition is also a factor in the development of obesity, as well as provocation of diabetes due to sharp and pronounced fluctuations in glucose. But about this, the developers of the diet modestly silent.

We go further. Another argument in favor of the diet of its advocates is the postulate that, knowing about the benefits of fractional nutrition, we constantly chew something, snack throughout the day. Hence the excess weight. But let's understand objectively, snacks are different: if it's low-fat yogurt, fruit or vegetables - it's a great way to get enough without getting a lot of calories, and a way to maintain weight. But if these are cookies with coffee or buns, chips or hamburgers - what kind of snack is it? This is a full-calorie meal. So do not confuse these concepts.

Interval fasting 16/8 - harm or benefit?

Another postulate of the diet: a small amount of movement turns the calories into fat, if they are not actively consumed. But let, who prevents to be more active in sports, move more and eat less? Long fasting due to low sugarin the blood, it also suppresses physical activity, so that the cells have something to eat when glucose is low and fats have not yet begun to burn (and they do it extremely reluctantly and after at least 2-3 days of starvation).

Problems of concept substitution and confusion in terms

Understanding that the development of such a diet with a long fast was done by a person far from medicine, comes after you get acquainted with descriptions of metabolic changes, which are described in praising the diet. It is about raising blood sugar levels after snacking, which stimulates insulin production. And if against the background of this again eat, with weight everything will be sad.

But if you fast for a long time on the 16/8 system, you are promised a setting of metabolism, a low level of insulin, which allegedly gives signals to burn fat for the body to receive energy. And in order to get sufficient glucose against the background of fasting, the body activates the mechanism of its extraction from the stored fat. Have you already been delighted and tuned to starve 16 hours, and then eat the remaining 8? If I were you, I would not hurry if I wanted to stay healthy!

If everything was so good, then we would all have become slim as cypress trees, but full of people, even on various starvation systems, do not become less.Nature can not be fooled, and for years the accumulated fats for 16 hours of refusing food with subsequent meals for 8 hours do not burn!

Interval fasting 16/8 - harm or benefit?

But why not? Yet so beautifully painted!

Well, let's start with the fact that, if you dig in detail in the description that is proposed, fasting is not quite "hungry." According to the description in the period of 16 hungry hours, you can drink water, so it was not so sad, you are allowed to add mint or lemon to it. Well, this is understandable; replenishing fluid loss is not a harmful thing, even useful when fasting. To deceive the gurgling stomach at least with water for a while.

And here ... The fun begins. It is possible to use broth in this “hungry” part, but without cereal, meat, and vegetables. But what broth is is water, fats, part of proteins, evaporation from meat, extractives and carbohydrates. So usually, people who are seriously ill are otpaivat to give them strength, and this is already the biggest deception - this is not starvation, this is poor nutrition. Well, okay, you won't get a lot of calories in broth if you don't cook it in fat!

Problem number two: the remaining 8 hours can be eaten as usual. That is, your usual food (and for many it is cakes, buns, rolls, fast food, ravioli, etc.).Considering the body and brain that are hungry for 16 hours, they will force your hands and mouth to cram into yourself much more than what you usually eat in 8 hours - this is a fact!

Interval fasting 16/8 - harm or benefit?

For 8 hours there should be three meals, and they remind you: try not to overeat, do not overeat at one meal.

What mode is offered?

This is food from 9 am to 5 pm or, for example, from 11 am to 7 pm Honestly, by and large, without a 16/8 diet, many people eat three times a day according to this schedule, knowing that eating after 6 pm is harmful. And then what is the revolution and the essence of starvation? At night, the body and so must rest, and the intestines - empty. And here at this time, drink broth, lemon water, and in the rest of the hours, eat as you did. Then what is the weight loss is generally incomprehensible.

Would it be good?

Analysis of the diet suggests that there will be very little benefit from it: in fact, this is a somewhat more embellished recommendation not to eat after 18 hours. And this system doctors have long criticized, explaining that long periods of hunger only negatively affect weight loss. It is often necessary to not feel hunger at all, but at the same time it is low-calorie. And plus, you need to move, letting the body know: so we will always eat moderately, learn to expend our resources.

If 8 hours is, and then twice as fast to starve, the pancreas will go mad, not knowing how to give it insulin, and then already to diabetes close! Plus, sharp changes in glucose with an increase in it during periods of 8-hour nutrition followed by starvation will lead to headaches and depression.

And our body - it is so malicious! If he is hungry for a long time, he turns on the "black day" regime and begins with a subsequent feeding (which is 8 hours of food) to convulsively store everything he has received: suddenly, again, a hunger strike!

And yet again, the hunger strike is at 16 o'clock, and he is even more convinced that he is right: the owner decided to starve me, I need to stock up on provisions. In the end, instead of losing weight, a 16/8 diet will only lead to weight gain.

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