Interior in red colors

Red color is recommended to be used in the interior only in the form of accents in order to give the house brightness, improve the mood of the owners of the house. Most often you can read that you should not choose red as the main color even in the living room, but there are exceptions to any rule.

Most often for decoration of living rooms they use not bright red color, but shades such as wine, terracotta and brick-red. With the help of these shades it is possible to turn any dull, dimly lit room into an elegant, solid, but at the same time bright, dynamic.

How to "dilute" the red color in the interior?

White color can already be called a constant companion of red. The combination of red and white looks not only bright, but the white color gives the interior freshness, expands the volume of the room. It will look great combination of red, white and beige. This interior will be bright, but fresh, comfortable. In the same way as white, it will be combined with red and light gray - it will soften the energy of red, create a feeling of comfort, calm.

Interior in red colors

It is interesting to look at combinations of red with such bright colors as orange, green, blue and their shades. This combination for an ordinary apartment is likely to be too bright, but you can try to use these colors in small quantities.

The combination of black or dark brown with red will also look interesting, but only if some third color is present in the interior, and as an equal partner.

Interior in red colors

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