Interior design options for a studio apartment

A small apartment is not an excuse to deny yourself the pleasure of developing its unique and functional design. For example, a studio apartment may well become a real cozy nest, if properly arranged.

What it is?

The concept of "apartment-studio" appeared relatively recently, although in the developed countries of Europe it is familiar to almost everyone. This apartment is a small room with minimal living space and the lack of capital walls. In other words, this is one big room, in which only a bathroom is fenced off by a wall and a door.

This option would be ideal for a young couple or for a lonely and busy person. But It is worth noting that you can make a studio not from every apartment. Necessary conditions are sufficient area (not less than 30 m2), as well as fairly high ceilings, which play an important role in the arrangement and make the space air.

Space organization


How to organize the space? Zoning is a necessary technique in the proper arrangement of a studio apartment, it allows you to delimit the space and select several areas. Otherwise, the room will look too colorful, careless and cluttered.

Zoning can be done in several ways:

  • Highlighting of several levels. These can be niches or, on the contrary, podiums. So, the bed can be located on the dais, and the working zone, on the contrary, deepen. But this option would be appropriate only in a room with fairly high ceilings.
  • Furniture can be used for zoning. For example, a narrow elongated rack will fence off the working area. Corner sofa can be used to designate a seating area. A bed can be hidden from prying eyes behind the closet.
  • As for the size of certain zones, they can be almost any. So, if you pan invite guests, most of the room can be occupied by a guest area or recreation area. If you want to organize culinary evenings and like cooking, then focus on the kitchen.
  • Lighting.Spotlights will highlight individual zones and, thus, identify them and highlight in space.
  • Color spectrum. Using different colors for interior design, it is also possible to provide a very pronounced division into zones.
  • Use of various finishing materials. They can vary in shades, patterns and textures.
  • Accessories. For example, a recreation area can be designated as a carpet by placing a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table on it. The working area can be designated shelves placed on the wall.

Choice of furniture

The furniture in the studio apartment, above all, should not be cumbersome, otherwise it will litter the space and literally “steal” precious square meters. It is best to use built-in or folding furniture.

But all items should be as functional as possible so that the room is not only attractive and stylish, but also comfortable and suitable for active life. In any case, the furniture can not be bulky and massive, so you will have to forget about the big dressers and cabinets.

It is advisable to choose simple and concise models without eye-catching or too large parts.In addition, all elements should correspond to one chosen style, since their mixing in a studio apartment will look ridiculous.

To arrange it is necessary, observing several rules:

  • Furniture should not be too much, choose only the most necessary items.
  • Do not place all the items along the walls, this will make the room look like a non-residential or abandoned.
  • Remember zoning. It is advisable not to allow furniture to leave the zones, this will streamline and delimit the space.

Stylistic directions

Thinking over the design of the interior of a 1-room studio apartment, you need, first of all, to decide on its basic style. In this case, the following directions will be relevant:

  1. High tech. Key features: modern appliances, functional furniture, metal, chrome and glass surfaces, simple and clear forms, brevity in everything, the use of plastic, metal, glass.
  2. Scandinavian style. Characteristic features: natural materials, light soft shades, functional and practical furniture, plenty of light, simple finishing materials, laconic decor, the use of textiles.
  3. Minimalism is the minimum number of elements of interior and decoration, diffused lighting, zoning, light shades, the use of halftones, clear laconic lines, simple materials.
  4. Pop Art. Main features: light colors and bright accents, plastic furniture of very unusual shapes, use of inexpensive materials (plastic, paper, metal, synthetic, glass), creative decor.
  5. Provence is an abundance of textiles, cute and simple accessories, simple finishing materials, pastel shades, laconic pieces of furniture.
  6. Scandinavian style implies an abundance of light, the use of light colors and natural materials, bright accents and practicality in everything.

Color spectrum

Light colors are ideal for a small apartment, as they will reflect the light and visually enlarge the space. And it is desirable to choose pastel and soft tones, such as peach, beige, milk, sand, light pink and others. But the cold tones can make the room uncomfortable, although still some of them are quite appropriate, for example, lilac, blue.

When you design a studio apartment, you can combine several tones, but preferably not more than three. At the same time they should all be in harmony.But bright contrasts are admissible, they can play a role of accents or be used for zoning.

The most successful combinations are red and white, brown and light yellow, beige and chocolate, purple and beige, burgundy and milky, pink and brown. But for a basis in any case it is necessary to take a light tone, saturated shades can play a role of accents.

You should not use too bright and "acid" colors, and also dark. The first will "break" the space, as well as crush and strain. And the latter will reduce the area, which is also undesirable.

As for the patterns, it is better not to use them at all. Only large drawings in certain zones are allowed. And on the colorful and small prints have to forget.


Ideal - spot lighting, since the central in the studio apartment will be inappropriate. It is better to place on the perimeter several lamps, preferably embedded in the ceiling or wall, but not too prominent. Avoid massive floor lamps and sconces, the photo shows that they look ridiculous and occupy free space.


Accessories should be as simple and concise as possible.In addition, they should not be much, as they litter the space. It is best to place decorative elements on shelves, shelves, shelves or cabinets. You can and should use objects with shiny, mirror or glossy surfaces that reflect light.

Let your studio apartment be comfortable and bright!

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