Interesting country style in your interior (10 photos)

The house is our fortress, and a beautiful and cozy house is not only a fortress, but also a room in which it is pleasantly located. Where, if not at home, you can be yourself, to show the brightest notes of your taste, which can result in a home environment and interior.

At first glance, it may seem that this is far from the most important, far more important - room comfort, but this, of course, is not quite so.

Light and cozy

The office can also be comfortable, comfortable sofas, computers, lighting, coffee machines and even lounges, however, such a room can not be called a house, no matter how cool. That is why it is so important to make a corner of comfort, warmth and tranquility out of your apartment, because this is where we relax after a hard day’s work, spend time with family and friends, or practice a favorite hobby.

Today, one of the most popular and beloved styles that are successfully used in the interior of a modern apartment is the country style, cute and cozy, filled with charming shades of vulgarity.

But this does not mean that the apartment in the country style should look outdated or, on the contrary, too elaborate. This distinctive direction has two distinctive features: simplicity and naturalness, natural textures and the thrill of tradition.

English style

Country-style rooms always keep the warmth of family generations, the furniture and individual elements of the décor mix up impressions of something far away, but very familiar and stored.

Another distinctive feature of this kind of decor is the naturalness of the materials used in the decoration of the room, to create furniture and other decor.

By the way, there is a complete opposite of this direction - this is a high-tech style, which is distinguished by a huge amount of modern technologies, often the premises in this style are made using non-natural and deliberately artificial materials.

There is a similar in spirit to country music - an ethnic trend is also very popular and widespread, especially among young people. To some extent, country combines all the shades of ethnicity, because, in fact, what is the style of country in the interior of a house or apartment?

This trend, which originated in the USA in the 20th century, when middle-level residents began to actively buy up everything in a “grandmother's” style, and it means nothing else than something “village”.

The tree must be required

But it has long been impossible to call country music - purely American or English style, it confidently spread in other countries, reached Europe and even Asia, where it settled down firmly, absorbing the flavor of each country individually. It was here that various branches and ubiquitous adaptations of the country style appeared, each of which takes place.

What does a country-style apartment say?

Most likely, that you love nature very much, everything is natural and present, which is the most interesting, but recently people began to appreciate these features in life, even capturing the interior of their own home. It’s not for nothing that country has such a speaking name, because what do you associate with the village?

For a big house

Of course, with fresh air, plenty of light and the surrounding nature. Premises made in such a direction should strictly observe the above characteristics: spacious rooms filled with light, which are imbued with cute and charming elements of unhurriedness and dimension, which are typical of rural houses.

This style of interior is achieved through the use of exclusively natural finishing materials, for example, if it is a floor, then it must be either tiled or lined with parquet or wooden board.

The most commonly used tree of light and warm shades, such as alder, beech, chestnut or oak. No plastic, linoleum or artificial wood substitutes should be found in such a style, with the exception of only those products that are visually no different from natural ones.

Interior for lovers of comfort

The walls are usually made in light, cream or pastel colors, if you decide to build a Russian country style, you can lay them out with wooden bars, with a hint of a Russian izba. Usually, decorative plaster is left on the walls, and some areas are decorated with bricks or stone wall elements. Also paper or vinyl wallpaper in a thin flower, striped or checkered will do.

This "village" direction is perfect for the kitchen, living room and corridors, impeccable in the bedroom, but the country interiors of country music are incomparable!

Original bedroom

If you have a country house, then having issued it in a similar style, you will fall into the very apple, easily playing on the coloring of the place and modern views on the interior of the rooms!

Usually in country houses combine the kitchen and living room, and in urban apartments allocate separate rooms for dining. By the way, the country style is not very conscientious with children's rooms, children do not always perceive this design of their own rooms, this is perhaps its only drawback.

What is country style in different countries?


If we are talking about Russian country, then log cottages and huts are recreated, there may be brick or stone walls, which are stored in natural textures and colors.

Ideal for a restaurant

The rooms should have a habitable appearance, for this purpose, specially aged sections of wood or chipped tiles can be used, these decorative elements are used in certain areas of the room. Only natural fabrics are used - flax, cotton, wool or sheepskin, a special flavor is preserved thanks to sewn furniture covers, cheerful curtains, napkins on tables and nightstands, tablecloths and pretty pillowcases on pillows.

In Russian style


One of the most popular and favorite destinations of country music would be hardly called “rustic” or modest, because, despite their simplicity, they retained the grace, refinement and elegance of France.

Comfort is provided

The business card of the French country is a purple color and dried bunches of lavender, which seem to be only collected from the famous fields of northern Provence. Refined lines of furniture, the use of pastel colors, which can be diluted with a bright stripe or lovely curls on curtains, porcelain dishes arranged on wooden shelves, terracotta tiles or thin wooden parquet - this is what will unmistakably indicate French country music.


Elegant and comfortable, calm and measured, diluted with a large variety of fabrics, this is what primarily characterizes English country music. The English are people who are very attached to comfort. Therefore, here you can find a light mixture of functionality and practicality, some liberties are allowed.

What you need for the office

But as far as furniture is concerned, it is important to observe minimalism - all the most necessary and important, the necessary color is complemented by the characteristic shades in the decor - blue, pink, ivory or cream.

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