Interesting and exciting Gdansk

The wishes of tourists are often simple - the sea, which can be enjoyed in any weather, interesting historical places that you can listen to for hours, or a modern European city, the streets of which are not only interesting, but also pleasant to wander because of accuracy.

But it happens that travelers give, at first glance, an impracticable task for travel agencies - to find a place that combines all three previous wishes. But, as it turned out, you don’t need to go far, you’ll have everything you want practically there, pick up your suitcase and go to the Polish city of Gdansk.

Stop story

Arriving in Gdansk, it may seem that time is frozen. In 1945, it was completely destroyed, but after the war it began its life anew. Existing for 1300 years, the city harmoniously combines romantic prints of bygone days and modern European style. It is very similar to other Polish cities, but at the same time it is unique in its own way.

Inspection of historical sights here begins from the time you check in to the hotel, because many of them are located in old buildings.And from there, be sure to go in an exciting acquaintance with the city.

Artus Court. It is located in the Old Town, which was built in the 13-18 centuries. Artus yard - one of the most interesting places, which is a complex of buildings of stone from the Middle Ages. Locals are happy to talk about the times of knights and stories about King Arthur, which served as a prototype for the construction of the complex.

Meetings of merchants, meetings of famous and influential people, as well as large-scale urban festivals often took place in this place.

Today, in the Courtyard, you can see unique collections of art and craft over a period of several centuries. But the special interest of tourists is chained to a huge furnace, towering as much as 10 meters. It is a real work of art - five tiers are decorated with unique painted tiles. By the way, the Artus Court is always open, and the entrance is absolutely free.

Neptune Fountain. This is one of the oldest monuments in Poland, located in the Artus Court. Neptune is a kind of symbol that reminds of the connection of the city with the sea.For the first time he began working in 1633, and in the course of history various creators gradually applied his hand to it, decorating it with figures of sea animals and an elegant lattice-fence.

According to local legend, the famous Polish Goldwaser liqueur was created precisely because of Neptune, who, angry that a coin was thrown into the fountain, struck them with his trident, breaking it into small golden fragments, which can be observed in the famous herbal infusion.

City Hall. Few cities can boast the presence of at least two town halls - the Old and the New, and in Gdansk there are as many as three. One of which is New, and the other two are Old. Home is located in the heart of the city, and the process of its construction lasted as much as 100 years. It began in the 15th century, and the building initially met all the requirements of the Gothic style, but over time acquired the features of the Renaissance.

The most interesting part of the town hall is the ceiling of the Great Hall of the Council with 25 paintings by the famous Polish artist Isaac van den Block.

Crane over Motlawa. To understand what this structure is, you should know that Motlawa is a river flowing in Gdansk, and the famous Crane is a crane, although it has nothing to do with the bird of the same name.Outwardly, it is a bit like a house for a heron or an inverted Tetris figure that you can see in the photo.

Crane was built in the Middle Ages and was used as a crane, because then Gdansk was a very important port city. With the help of this structure, it was possible to put the mast on the ship, but what is most surprising is that this huge machine was manually actuated. Port workers applied forces to twist the arms, moving around the winches.

St. Mary's Church and the Oliwa Cathedral. There is something to see in Gdansk and worshipers of church architecture. The St. Mary’s Church is a monumental building that is striking in its scale. At length, it stretches for 100 meters, and the height of the arches is about 30 meters. Anyone can come here, because the church can easily accommodate 25 thousand visitors.

Oliwa Cathedralfamous in Poland primarily due to the body. It consists of 7 thousand pipes of various sizes, ranging from 10 cm and up to 10 meters. Passing by the cathedral, you will not see anything supernatural, ordinary church. But the exterior is really amazing.There is a mosaic, and frescoes, sculptures and various bas-reliefs. By the way, the Oliva district, in which the cathedral of the same name is located, is also quite interesting. This is a very quiet and peaceful place, ideal for unhurried walks and rest.

Shopping and gifts

Staying on vacation in Gdansk, be sure to look in the shops where they sell products made of amber, because the city is not for nothing called the capital of this stone.

You can also buy interesting souvenirs and various interesting things at St. Dominic's fair, which can be reached by arriving in the city in the first three weeks of August.

Gdansk is a very diverse city. Here you can enjoy the cobbled streets, admire the beautiful architecture, but the locals advise you not to forget that Gdansk is a sea city, so you should definitely go on an excursion on a real sailboat.

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