Instagram started flash mob "Squat with your dog"

Fitness blogger Alice Greene, trying to pull off subscribers from the sofas and get involved, showed in one of the videos how easy it is to do without a barbell, dumbbell, pancake or other weighting, using what is at hand - even her dog. Showing squats along with a pet named Colonel on her hands, she suggested that she repeat it, launching a flashmob #squatyourdog ("Squat with your dog) - funny and incredibly touching.

Judging by the number of videos under the hashtag #squatyourdog (and their number at the time of publication exceeded 700), the favorite dog is liked by fitness enthusiasts much more than traditional sports weighting. The most hardy squat with retrievers and pointers, and newcomers to the sport try not to overdo it - raise the lapdogs or toy terriers. If you decide to join, Alice Green gave a couple of tips: first, do not lift the dog too heavy so as not to overstrain; the second - if the dog did not like the idea, leave it alone and look for another one.

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