Infrared sauna for the home: what to consider when choosing

Sauna size

The size of the sauna chosen depends on the area of ​​the room in which it will be placed. Single saunas are suitable for installation in bathrooms and loggias of houses. For them, there is enough space measuring 120x110 cm.
In houses with large bathrooms it is possible to place saunas, made according to individual projects, double and triple, as well as combined saunas (combined IR and Finnish saunas in a single space).
When choosing a sauna in size, in addition to taking into account the installation area, it is important to leave a technological margin of about 5 cm on each side.
Those whose small apartments cannot accommodate a stationary infrared sauna should pay attention to the mini mini infrared saunas.

Finishing material

The choice of material for the exterior and interior of the sauna depends on your taste preferences and financial possibilities.So, the price of infrared saunas from Canadian red cedar is higher than the cost of saunas from Ussuri and Altai cedar, linden or alder. The choice of finishing material does not particularly affect the efficiency of infrared radiation. However, odor and some useful material properties are important. For example, the Canadian cedar, along with an unforgettable aroma, emits phytoncides, exerting a strong antiseptic effect. An alder with healing properties is also recognized as a royal tree.
For commercial and office use, experts recommend choosing cabins of red cedar due to its antiseptic properties, and for home use - saunas made of alder, linden, Ussuri or Altai cedar. Moreover, these breeds have a high ability to give people their biological energy. After visiting such a sauna you will feel a surge of strength.Visiting infrared saunas has a fortifying effect on the body, thanks to which the body gains extra strength to combat most of the various ailments.

Type of infrared emitter

Modern manufacturers, as a rule, use tubular radiators in IR saunas, which are fixed in metal mirror reflectors.These emitters are made of inexpensive South Korean ceramics. Some Russian manufacturers of saunas use more expensive, devoid of certain disadvantages, radiators of the “Yuborg” brand.
In the infrared saunas of European manufacturers are mainly used tubular radiators. Their common drawback is the uneven heating of different parts of the body, which creates a so-called draft, which causes discomfort while staying in the sauna.
It is possible to achieve uniformity in the cabins of the new generation with film heaters. This is achieved by installing films with conductive tires between the walls.

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