Indonesia is a heavenly place on our planet

If you want to relax "one hundred percent," forget about the immediate problems and find yourself in a completely different world, then go on holiday to amazing Indonesia.

General country information

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and covers more than 1,919 thousand square kilometers, occupying the fourteenth place in terms of territory. The population of the republic exceeds 250 million people, and according to this indicator the country is also in the first positions of the rating. Indonesia speaks Indonesian and is recognized as official. The capital is Jakarta.

Virtually the entire state is located on the Malayan archipelago of islands, and it is washed by the waters of two oceans at once: the Indian and the Pacific. Indonesia borders on land with Malaysia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea. Despite the ethnocultural color, most of the population (more than 80%) preach Islam, and this automatically makes Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world.

Features of nature and relief

The relief of Indonesia is rather complicated: the internal areas of all large and medium-sized islands are considered mountainous, and on the largest islands mountainous ridges dominate. The highest mountain is Punchak-Jaya. Extensive lowland regions are found on the territory of Kalimantan.

In Indonesia, there are a lot of rivers that form a dense network, and almost all of them remain full-flowing all year round (with the exception of slight seasonal fluctuations). On mountainous areas and hills there are waterfalls and high rapids.

The nature of Indonesia deserves special attention, because it is truly unique. So, on the territory there are more than 17-18% of all biological species existing on the Earth. More than half of the territory is covered with equatorial evergreen forests, in which ferns, bamboo, palm, mangroves, ficuses, coniferous and deciduous trees, as well as numerous grasses and shrubs are found.

The country has the richest fauna, which includes almost all the main classes, such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, butterflies, and so on.Both common and rare species live here, and some of them are threatened with extinction and are listed in the Red Book.


The climate of the country is equatorial and humid. The temperature is practically constant, and seasonal changes are insignificant, as a rule, do not exceed 2-4 degrees. The average is 26-27 degrees. Humidity is quite high - about 80-85%. The main part of the territory is dominated by two seasons: wet or rainy and dry. The first lasts from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring, and the dry time starts around April and ends by the middle-end of autumn.

How to get to Indonesia?

You can fly to Indonesia by plane, and during the tourist season there are direct flights to major islands and cities. A visa for a trip to the country is not needed if you have a foreign passport, and the period of stay in the country does not exceed thirty days.


In Indonesia, quite developed public transport. Communication between the islands is provided by ferries and airplanes. On some islands there are trains, and bus parks are available in almost all cities.

Advice: it is better to refuse to rent a car, since the traffic here is left-sided and very dense.

Where to stay?

Since the country in fact is a tourist, the hotel network is well developed in it and includes different options, ranging from relatively budgetary and ending with the category "luxury". There is also a system of stars, and graduation corresponds to the European standard. If you want to retire, you can rent a villa on the ocean.

There are more budget options, such as guesthouses. But be prepared for the fact that living conditions can be practically "Spartan", as traditional bath and shower are usually absent.

Where to go?

Tourists should visit the following islands and cities:

  1. Jakarta is the capital of the state and its center.
  2. Kalimantan (Borneo) is the third largest island in the world.
  3. Sumatra is the largest island of the state.
  4. The island of Sulawesi has the shape of a starfish.
  5. Java is a real island of volcanoes, many of which are active.
  6. New Guinea. The western part of this island belongs to Indonesia.
  7. Yogyakarta is the real heart of the country, which combines many traditions and cultures.
  8. Bali is the most popular resort among tourists from all over the world.

Interesting places

On holiday in Indonesia, there is definitely something to see.Here are the most interesting places:

  • Komodo National Park with huge dinosaur-like monitor lizards.
  • Bromo Volcano - an incredible and exciting sight.
  • Sunda Kelapa is the old port of Jakarta.
  • Borobodur - the majestic Buddhist temple.
  • Park Ujung Pendant. In it you can see the rarest animals.
  • Krakatau - the most legendary volcano.
  • The Royal Palace on Samosir Island.
  • Toba is a large volcanic lake.
  • Village of Melak with many orchids.
  • River town of Pontianak.

This is only a small part of the attractions, and on every island there is something fascinating and interesting.

Entertainment options

What to do for a tourist in Indonesia? There are plenty of entertainment options: diving, beach rest, snorkeling, hiking or trekking, visiting nature reserves, mountaineering, ecotourism, surfing, rafting, trekking, fishing and much more.

Indonesian shopping

What to bring from Indonesia? If you are looking for a souvenir, then pay attention to various figurines and masks, wooden, porcelain, silver and clay products, jewelry and paintings, as well as accessories and clothes made of leather and other materials decorated with batik.And here you should definitely buy tea and spices.

National cuisine

What to try a tourist who flew to Indonesia? National cuisine is very colorful due to the variety of products and the influence of different cultures. The main ingredients are rice, seafood and fish, a variety of vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry. Sate, mi goreng, gado gado, nasi goreng are considered popular national dishes. Indonesians actively use various condiments, sauces and spices.

As for drinks, people love tea. From alcohol can be noted rice and palm wines.

Before the trip: assess the advantages and disadvantages

Before you go on a journey, it is worth weighing the pros and cons, as some of the disadvantages may scare you.

Advantages of rest in Indonesia:

  • This is an amazingly beautiful country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.
  • The locals are friendly, hospitable and somewhat amusing.
  • The budget traveler will like it here, because the products are cheap, in addition, you can find cheap accommodation (but be prepared for not the best conditions).
  • Useful and environmentally friendly products.
  • A huge variety of exotic fruits that gourmets will like and will surprise with their unusual taste.
  • Great choice of entertainment.
  • Incredibly clean beaches and crystal sea water.
  • The country is safe, the crime rate is low.
  • Here you can not only relax, but also improve your health by visiting one of the massage salons (this procedure is performed at the highest level!).
  • There are a few blood-sucking insects in the country.


  • Public transport can not be called comfortable, most buses do not have air conditioning, and some passengers smoke in the cabin.
  • You will not have time to see all the most interesting things in a week or even in a month, since the territory is huge and movements on it are problematic.
  • High, and sometimes simply "transcendental" prices for rooms in large hotels. Therefore, a luxurious holiday in Indonesia can not afford a budget tourist.
  • Low quality internet connection. But this minus can be considered a plus, because you will not be distracted from the journey and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Problems with drinking water. From the tap it can not be drunk, so you have to buy bottled.
  • Possible language problems: few Indonesians speak English.
  • Extinguished air in large cities. Residents use low-quality gasoline, which releases harmful fumes into the environment.

Now you know much more about Indonesia and you can enjoy the rest without getting into trouble.

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