If I dream that I am pregnant

Many dreams are so emotional that even in reality a strong influence on our condition. Such dreams can also be counted as a dream about your own pregnancy, when you had a dream about a young girl or woman. In this article we will figure out how an image of pregnancy can get into dreams.

Dreams about pregnancy can be, as related to reality, in this case, a pregnant woman programs her own subconscious, which determines the content of sleep, and does not reflect reality in any way.

If a girl dreams that she is pregnant, you should turn to the dream book, which will help to interpret the bright dream. Dream interpretation exists very much, it remains only to choose the one that is more to your liking.

Dream about pregnancy fortunately

In general, the dream of pregnancy foreshadows good, being a symbol of creativity, wealth and puberty.

  • According to the dream Wanga, a married woman who had a dream about pregnancy, in reality, will be endowed with twins.
  • Freud's dream interpretation predicts a woman who dreamed that she is expecting a child, a quick acquaintance and a serious, happy relationship with a man.It is also believed that such a dream may be foreshadowing pregnancy in reality.
  • According to the dream book of Hasse, if a young girl dreams that she is pregnant, then a great happiness in love shines to her.
  • Dream Interpretation Longuet predicts a woman who sees herself pregnant in a dream, an early pregnancy in reality.
  • According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, a woman who dreamed about having her own pregnancy, in the future she will experience pride and bravery.
  • A modern dream book foreshadows happiness in love to a girl who sees herself pregnant in a dream.
  • According to the dream book of Simon Canonit, if a young girl dreams of her pregnancy, then she can make the most ambitious plans and expect great happiness in love.

Dream about pregnancy to misfortune

Unfortunately, dreams of pregnancy can foreshadow various troubles and troubles.

  • Vanga warns the girl, who saw her own pregnancy in a dream, against deceit and dishonest behavior of a close, loved one.
  • Dream Miller predicts a virgin, which dreams that she is pregnant, shame and other misfortunes. The rest of the women, too, should be wary and wary of ugly children and unsuccessful marriage.
  • The dream of Nostradamus states that if a girl dreams of her pregnancy, then in the future she will face material losses.
  • According to Tsvetkov's dream book, to see a pregnant woman in a dream - to trouble in the future. And if a girl dreams that she is pregnant, then you should beware of cheating in reality.
  • An elderly woman who dreamed about her pregnancy should watch her health more carefully and fear possible death - this is how a modern dream book, Hasse dream book, Simon Canonite dream book thinks.
  • Esoteric dream book interprets the dream of pregnancy, as a manifestation of debt. To see a pregnancy means to lend money to someone, and to be pregnant in a dream to wait for a loss in reality.
  • Mayan dream interpretation warns against an accident if you saw in a dream that you are pregnant with a boy.
  • Italian dream book Meneghetti treats pregnancy as a symbol of carrying something bad: illness, tumor, or alien influence.

As you can see, many dream books warn of various troubles of girls and women who dreamed of their pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important to carefully recall the actions that occurred in the dream in order to more accurately interpret it. Perhaps you will remember something significant that will drastically change the interpretation of your dream.

To pregnancy ...

Young women who want to get pregnant, can often see dreams on the topic of pregnancy and logically think: if you dream that I am pregnant, then maybe ...

  • Yes, it can. The dream interpretation of Lofa explains the occurrence of dreams about pregnancy in those who want to have children by the fact that they are subconsciously prepared for the continuation of the race and can proceed to a new stage of self-analysis. In sexually active women, such dreams can be a manifestation of the menstrual cycle, and cause subsequent anxieties of “suddenly and truly” that need to be analyzed.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo notes that the young girl who saw herself in a dream "in position", it is time to realize the maternal instinct.

Dreams of pregnancy in a pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a special condition, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, during pregnancy dreams become somewhat different. They can be both funny and frightening and even cruel. Do not take it to heart: the high emotionality of dreams is associated with the peculiarities of the state of the psyche during pregnancy. You experience mood swings, it happens, you worry and cry, you rejoice a lot - all this is reflected in dreams.

  • Pregnant women tend to worry: if you dream that I am pregnant, does this mean that everything with the baby is in order. Dream Miller is in a hurry to reassure you and predicts a pregnant woman who had a dream about pregnancy, a successful outcome of childbirth and a quick recovery of the body after them.
  • Often pregnant, especially near the end of term, have their own childbirth. This is easily explained: the subconscious mind is preparing for the imminent appearance of the baby and develops a mechanism of action.
  • It happens that a pregnant woman sees in a dream the sex of her future and child and may even talk to him. All this is a manifestation of maternal instinct and heightened intuition, which often accompanies the state of pregnancy.
  • Sometimes a pregnant woman dreams that their spouse leaves her, changes her, or even dies. Such dreams are associated with experiencing changes in your body, a sense of your own helplessness, as well as changes in sex life associated with pregnancy.
  • It happens that a pregnant woman has the illness and defects of a child, miscarriage or loss of pregnancy under tragic circumstances. Never mind, anxiety is associated with heightened perception and, as a rule, does not have any real ground.

Anyway, if a girl dreams that she is pregnant, before interpreting a dream, you need to remember all its details in as much detail as possible. Think, perhaps, your dream is associated with recent shocks or just events from the recent past. Analyze your own desires, because such a dream can be a reflection of subconscious and strong desires or, on the contrary, fears.

Even if the dream book heralds bad things in your case, you should not believe him 100%, after all, we ourselves are the creators of our future, and dream books happen to be wrong.

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