Hugh Jackman talked about the unusual deal he made with the paparazzi

Publication by Ellen (@theellenshow)Jan 15, 2018 at 1:12 PST

“I found out that they desperately needed my topless photos. They would not leave me alone for a minute ... Well, I decided to approach the problem from the other side: I invited them to come the next day at 8 am to Bondi Beach. I pretended that I didn’t notice the cameras, splashed into plenty, and they received the necessary pictures and agreed not to disturb me anymore. And you know what? I get out of the gym the next day, and there ... no one! ”- told TV host Hugh, laughing. Learn the novice stars! Jackman also added that Australian journalists are “civilized”, unlike many others. And he was a little flirtatious, noticing that he could have become a hero of much more popular shots, if the paparazzi knew that he had trained with Zach Efron the day before - that was where the real expanse of “two sweating strokes” was ...But alas, the photographers did not want to get into the hall.

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