How will restore the Colosseum in Rome

For the restoration of the Colosseum will have to spend about 25 million euros, and the money agreed to provide the owner of the network of Tod's shoe stores, Diego Della Valle. In July 2012, a conference was held, the participants of which reviewed and approved the repair plan and made a number of important decisions regarding the deadline for their implementation, the possibility of leaving some areas open to tourists, etc.
Work on the restoration of the ancient monument of architecture will begin in December 2012 and will continue until June or July 2015. The last time the Colosseum was fully restored only in 1938-39, and minor repairs carried out after that, helped only to slow down the process of destruction of the amphitheater. At the time of the large-scale repair in the Colosseum, about 3,000 cracks and several loose pieces were found.
The restoration of the ancient amphitheater will take place in stages. It was decided to carry out the work at six sites, while the workers would restore several different parts of the Colosseum at the same time to speed up the process.First of all, the northern and southern facades of the building will be restored, all cracks will be eliminated, some sections will be strengthened or redone. At the same time, the Colosseum will remain open to tourists throughout the restoration process.
Next, we plan to create a service center for visitors, which will be located directly in front of the Colosseum. It decided to locate toilets, ticket offices, information bureaus, souvenir shops and much more. Work on the construction of the service center will also be carried out in the framework of the restoration process.
And finally, in 2012-13. it is planned to develop the third phase of the restoration of the Colosseum, but at the time of the July press conference the organizers themselves and the sponsor did not know what kind of work they would have to do. Perhaps in the process of repairing, additional problems will be revealed, which will have to be solved at the third stage.

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