How do vampires live and what do they eat?

How do vampires live and what do they eat?In scientific medicine there is no such thing as an “energy vampire”. You will not find such a diagnosis officially. Especially critical is the opinion of scientists on this issue. However, no matter how many people know firsthand, it's not fiction, it's reality. Especially if the energy vampire is her own husband.

How do vampires behave, and how to cope with it?

Energy vampires feed on human energy. The main thing - to understand that vampirism can be called systematically manifested signs, and not isolated cases. We are talking about people who themselves are not aware of their destructive influence. Everything happens by itself, they tend to consider it their own character traits, circumstances, or do not notice anything at all.

How do vampires live and what do they eat?

So, signs of energy vampirism in the spouse:

  • a vampire husband often provokes negative emotions in you. He deliberately creates situations in which you inevitably get nervous, crying, angry, or depressed. He unconsciously gives pleasure to such a reaction;
  • Vampire husband loves to be in crowded places. He feels at ease even in a crowded subway car at rush hour;
  • often complains that his life allegedly does not go as he would like and dreams are not implemented. Blames colleagues, bosses, friends, relatives and, of course, you. In fact, as a rule, everything is not so bad and hopeless at all;
  • One of the main signs of vampirism is your bodily sensations after his attacks. Headache and fatigue - one hundred percent symptoms;
  • How do vampires live and what do they eat?

  • Vampire spouse does not allow you to rest. He will certainly distract you when, after a hard day, you finally lie down to read a book or take a nap;
  • most often vampires do not find a common language with cats. In addition, household appliances often break and flowers perish;
  • does not immediately do what he promised. Intentionally pulls with it, so that you wait, and he enjoys your torment;
  • necessarily hinders you with loud music, a film or the included electric saw at a time when you are trying to focus on something important;
  • retells all the bad news (car accidents, murders, etc.).He also likes to tell the plot of some bloody thriller in all its disgusting details, enjoying your winches and exclamations from horror;
  • for the vampire spouse there are no limits and rules of decency. He can not hesitate to mock someone, condemn and humiliate. It is most pleasant for him if all this happens in public;
  • he is a jealous proprietor, selfish and very vengeful. With all his strength the vampire tries to hide you from the outside world and to forbid communication even with her friends.

Now you know how vampires live and what they eat. Probably, such differences are difficult to meet in one person, because this is a true horror that no sensible woman can stand. How can you cope with such a despot in life?

Fighting Energy Vampirism

How do vampires live and what do they eat?

First of all, you need to understand - whether a vampire is conscious or not. It is worth noting that 95% do not understand their features. In this case, you can make a difference. However, you need patience and strength.

If the spouse perfectly understands his behavior and does it purposefully, then it’s easier to simply leave. Trying to change it is completely useless.

Behavior rules:

How do vampires live and what do they eat?

  • remember that your reaction is his food. The more you respond, the more vulnerable you will become. One must learn to control oneself and not give an answer;
  • learn to close energy holes. If he complains about life or provokes a scandal, then just do not pay attention and go about your business. Meditate and relax in any way to preserve your nerves and health;
  • find a hobby. Do what you enjoy. Perhaps it will be going to the gym, knitting or drawing;
  • talk to your husband. Try to explain to him gently that any of his words and actions are unpleasant to you. Learn to change things in your favor, be smarter;
  • watch your diet. Energy comes to us from food, water and air. Therefore, eat properly and maintain a balance, drink plenty of fluids a day;
  • learn relaxation techniques. This book will be useful for yoga, ancient oriental teachings and practices. Over time, you will learn to turn off your emotions and think only with your head.

Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to live with such a person. But do not rush to divorce, because everything can be fixed.Much depends on you, you should always remember this.

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