How to write that I miss?

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How to write that I miss?

Often, lovers break up - for a couple of days, months, and sometimes years. Separation is a test of your feelings for strength. If the beloved is far away, then you want to tell him about your feelings, that you have not forgotten him and are bored. If you are thinking about how to write a guy that you miss, then read our article. If you do not know how to write a letter to a guy, then first read the article How to write a letter to a guy.

How to write that I miss: tips

The content of your message will largely depend on what your boyfriend is. Is he romantic? Pragmatist? Hard worker? You understand that pragmatists should not write love sonnets, and romance is a dry short message.

How beautiful to write that you miss, if your boyfriend is a romantic? A romantic guy can write a letter by hand with a beautiful handwriting, leaving a kiss at the end with lipstick and perfuming the letter with his favorite perfume. Choose a poem or sincerely write about your feelings - he will appreciate it.

If your boyfriend is a pragmatist, he is unlikely to appreciate such sentiments. Write to him specifically and in the case.For example: "I really miss you and waiting for you," I want to see you soon, "etc.

If your man likes to joke, he will like some creative, unusual message. Instead of words, you can send him a video or cartoon on a love theme.

In general, the message does not have to consist of words and sentences. You can make a video collage from your photos or send him the melody to which you danced your first dance. Think about exactly what will remind him of you and your feelings.

What letter to send?

  • You can send a text message. Of course, the volume of SMS is limited, but if you add emoticons, numbers and signs, they will make the standard SMS more original.
  • You can write in the old manner a paper letter in an envelope.
  • Use social networks and email.
  • For extravagant personalities, there is still an option - to write a message with paint under the window. Although this option is usually preferred by men.

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