How to withdraw money from a deposit in 2018

You will need
  • - official request for the return of the deposit;
  • - documentation;
  • - a statement to the prosecutor;
  • - statement of claim.
In order to withdraw money from a deposit in a bank, make a formal request to return the deposit. To do this, send a letter with the requirement directly to the bank in which the deposit is made. If you need to withdraw funds from the deposit as soon as possible, or you are afraid that the letter may be lost - send not a regular letter, but a registered letter, with notification by mail of the letter being delivered to the recipient.
If you do not want to wait for the letters to arrive, you can personally take to the bank the demand for the early issuance of the deposit. At the same time, make sure that your demand is recorded in the book for receiving applications from citizens. Also request that the date, the number and the name of the bank employee who accepted the application from you be set on your copy of the contract.
If within seven days after the bank received a notice, they will not give you the money,and bank employees will not contact you within a month to explain the reasons for the refusal to issue funds - contact the district prosecutor's office with a statement that the bank does not return the deposit. After that, the bank, at the request of the prosecutor's office, will provide you with comprehensive information on why your application was left unanswered.
Within a month after a request from the prosecutor's office, the bank also does not respond to you - contact the district court. Bring with you the documents confirming the prosecutor's check, and contact the lawyers for help in drawing up a lawsuit. Wait for the decision of the court, which, most likely, obliges the bank to pay you a deposit and cover legal costs.
Maybe you have acquaintances among bank employees - agree with them to help you withdraw money from a deposit or explain how you can solve this problem.
Offer from our partner
Some banks require depositors of documents that confirm the need for an urgent withdrawal of money, for example, a certificate of serious health condition. However, under current law, you are not required to provide such documents.
Helpful advice
The bank did not give you money from the deposit - ask for a written confirmation of the refusal to issue funds. This document will greatly facilitate the drafting of a claim.

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