How to whip cream for cream?

Cream cream is very tasty! No wonder that it is part of many cakes and other desserts. But in order for this cream to be really airy and appetizing, you need to learn how to beat it up correctly. And how to do it? Is all cream suitable for whipping? Let's figure it out!

Used in many desserts

What cream will do?

How to choose a cream that is suitable for cream and whipping? Here are some important points:

  • The minimum fat content of cream is 30%. Less fat cream, probably, also beat up, but the resulting cream will not hold the form. The fatter the cream, the more dense the finished cream will be. But still it is not worth buying too much fatty product. Firstly, it can quickly turn into butter, and secondly, it is not useful for the figure.
  • Buy only natural cream. Carefully study the composition of the product, it should not contain any additives such as thickeners, flavors, and so on.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. It is better to buy the freshest cream than those that have already been in the store for several days. Sour cream just does not scramble, and divided into whey and curd flakes.
  • The storage conditions are also important. So, in the store, the cream should stand in the refrigeration unit, but not in the freezer!
  • As for the density, then, in fact, it does not play an important role. Of course, thick cream will whip easier and faster than liquid. But the liquid is also quite suitable for butter cream.
  • These housewives have long been determined with the choice of frequently used products and purchase products from certain manufacturers. To select the best cream, you can use the trial and error method. Purchase products from different manufacturers, evaluate the results (it is best to record them), and then select the best option.

How to beat?

How to whip cream? This question worries many housewives, and for good reason. The quality of the finished cream will depend on the equipment used. Studying the opinions of the most experienced cooks and chefs, it is possible to draw an unequivocal conclusion that it is impossible to use a blender with a usual knife attachment for beating!


You simply divide the cream in the process of whipping and get not a solid composition, but two fractions: butter and milk or whey. But if the kit includes a whisk head, then in this case the blender will do.

Many recommend churning the cream by hand using a blender.This option is the most difficult and time consuming, but it is the best, since you can control the process and maintain optimal speed.

You can also use a food processor or mixer designed for whipping.

Preparation of products and equipment

With strawberry

So, the cream is bought, now everything needs to be prepared for beating. The most important points:

  • The cream should be well cooled, that is, not icy, but cold. In the warm form they do not scramble. So send the product for several hours in the refrigerator. Some, wanting to speed up the cooling process, put the cream in the freezer. But it is absolutely not recommended to do this. Frozen and then thawed cream when whipping will exfoliate, and instead of thick cream you will see an incomprehensible liquid with flakes.
  • Before whipping the cream, it is best to shake well or mix. The fact is that most often the fat part rises upward, and everything else remains below. And if you forget about the shaking, the finished cream will not be uniform.
  • Experienced housewives recommend cooling not only cream, but also all accessories to be used before churning.So the whisk, nozzle mixer, combine or blender, as well as a bowl, too, should be sent to the refrigerator. Some do not, but still it is better to create all the conditions for the perfect whipping.
  • If you want to sweeten the cream a bit, then use sugar powder instead of sugar. Also, before adding, sift it through a sieve. This will avoid churning powder in clumps.

How to shake up?

Thick peaks

So, how to shake up the cream to make the perfect cream? We list the main stages and their features:

  1. So pour the cream in a bowl or in the bowl of a combine or blender. Mix everything again to combine the fat part with the less fat part. By the way, if you need a lot of cream, do not strive to whip all the cream at a time, you simply will not succeed. It is best to whip portions, the optimal amount of one portion is 200-300 milliliters.
  2. If the bowl or bowl of a blender or combine is not high, but wide, the cream will be at the bottom, and the whisk will not sink completely into them, which is undesirable. In this case, it is necessary to tilt the bowl so that the whisk is immersed in the mass. This will make a smooth cream.
  3. Many are interested at what speed you need to whip the cream. The highest and the most too large will not fit exactly, since the cream can instantly turn into butter, and you do not need it at all. In any case, start beating with the lowest speed. Then, without stopping the process, go to the next speed. It is best to stop in the middle.
  4. How long should you beat? It is impossible to give an exact answer to this question, since too many factors affect the duration of the process: fat content, configuration of the rim or nozzle, thickness of the cream, degree of their cooling, speed of beating. But on average, whisking not too thick cream takes about 4-5 minutes, but thick ones can be beaten for a couple of minutes.
  5. How to determine readiness? First, rather dense peaks should appear on the surface. You can also immerse the whisk in the foam. If he leaves obvious traces, the process should be completed. It is important to constantly monitor the condition and consistency of the cream, so as not to miss the moment and not interrupt the cream in the oil.
  6. When you realize that the cream is ready, do not rush to turn off the combine or mixer and stop whipping.First, gradually reduce the speed and then stop, otherwise the foam may just fall off.

Helpful Tips


Some useful tips for housewives:

  • If you add powdered sugar, then do it not at the very beginning, but in the middle of the process. When the cream beats a little and begins to thicken, pour a powder in a thin stream, continuing to beat. If you add all the quantity at once, lumps may remain in the cream.
  • To make the cream used for the cake more stable and thick, you can add a special thickener for the cream. But it's better not to do it.
  • Make the cream more dense gelatin helps. But you need to add it in a special way. First pour the required amount of cold water and let the gelatin swell. Then heat the composition in a water bath until the particles completely dissolve. Cool the resulting liquid and gradually pour it into the cream in the process of whipping, when they become quite thick. But do not overdo it with gelatin, otherwise you will get creamy jelly instead of cream. 250 milliliters of product will be enough for a quarter spoon of gelatin.
  • If the cream is not whipped, then try using lemon juice. A glass of cream will need a quarter lemon juice. It is not necessary to pour juice at once, but in the process of beating. And do it very carefully.
  • Some add cream yoghurt or sour cream. At 250 ml of cream, take 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Use only natural products without additives!
  • What should I do if the cream is broken? You can beat them further to get the oil and use it. And you can stop, add dissolved gelatin to the composition, mix everything up and send to the refrigerator. Appears appetizing dairy dessert.
  • When adding cream to a cake, it is important to be careful and do everything carefully and carefully.
  • Store homemade whipped cream in the refrigerator and not longer than a day.

Let your butter cream be airy and tasty!

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