How to wear underwear as outerwear

Remember how in school, when you were nervous before going to the blackboard, someone smart advised you to imagine that the whole class and the teacher were sitting in front of you ... in their underwear, and the stress itself would disappear somewhere? By the way, this technique really works, only with the amendment to the fact that now some of the elements of underwear have actually become full clothes. For example, in past seasons pajamas and nightie dresses “legalized”; in the current one, bathrobes and “pajamas” look like satin overalls with slippers.

Calvin Klein, Spring-Summer 2016

Calvin Klein, spring-summer

Givenchy, spring-summer 2016

Givenchy, spring-summer

If you look at the red tracks with a corner of your eye, then there is “chaos” there all around: transparent combinations like evening dresses and striped pajamas instead of usual business suits, as if this was not a formal event, but some big home party.

Mass-market brands also achieve a slight degree of “domesticization”: now some things could clearly appear in the “Clothes” and “Things to sleep” sections simultaneously.

Anyway, before you criticize this tendency, you should look at it with a slightly different eyes: the scope of application (now in the bedroom and beyond) of the same thing expands, which means saving, and the form itself is simplified, which means comfort ( perhaps you should not argue that pajamas are certainly cozier than a business suit). We decided to consider how the clothes from the “Things for home” section can be worn outside the home, especially since for such experiments the very season comes ...

Nightie dress with a long cardigan

In this image, it’s worth changing only the shoes, and the mood will change drastically: with thin heels, the black nightie dress looks like an outfit for cozy gatherings in a restaurant on Friday evening, and if you imagine slippers in their place, this is already a story about Sunday, a sofa, TV series and idleness in the four walls.

Street style

High-waisted top with a lightweight skirt

Such tops with narrow pencil skirts have become a kind of “uniform” for the red carpet of some celebrities, so the idea itself is not new, but the presence of a light coat in an elegant style adds special chic.This idea can be taken for a note for those spring days when the weather raises doubts - it can be sunbathed during the day, and in the evening you want to hide from the wind.

Street style

Nightie dress with shirt below

Typically, such a nightie appears as the bottom layer, but in this image it looks harmonious and as the top. Perhaps the whole thing in the presence of a strict white-black color scheme, although the bag as the only "bright spot" is clearly superfluous.

Street style

Bathrobe as a summer cape

Last summer it was a kimono with motley prints and fringe in the spirit of Coahella, this season - the same kimono, but only long and reminiscent of a home gown. It's funny in this find that the approaching summer thing in this spirit can be worn as beach clothes on vacation, and in winter again to return her "legal" status of home clothes.

Street style

Night dress with jeans or trousers

A dress of straight cut and medium length over trousers is a new craze of designers, and also conceptual brands like COS and & Other Stories, which every second model of the dress stylize with trousers - narrow or wide truncated culettes. The last idea looks controversial, but the combination of a dress-nightie and narrow trousers in the chosen image does not cause disharmony, and the top with such a "serious" bottom loses all the home-made impression.

Street style

Pajama T-shirt with bodice to the outside

Note that some swimsuits now look more vulgar than underwear, and the latter, on the contrary, is sometimes released in closed models that fit to wear like a top. In this image, a thing that does not reach the status of street clothes, together with a jumper with buttons, formed a cute and cunning set.


Home dress as a street

Transparent and translucent dresses and tunics usually appear in the sections of home wear and beach wear, but they can also be used in street style, if you have a tank top dress or a mini jumpsuit, the outfit is multi-layered, complex and interesting.

Street style

Body with jeans and cardigan

The body in this collection basically looks a bit strange, because the very idea of ​​wearing a body instead of a top (although it does have some significant minutes in practice) is as old as modern glossy magazines. But it was precisely in this season that the bodysuit acquired a particularly sexy look — with a deep neckline and lacing like a swimsuit-planj or corset, so comparisons with underwear are not groundless. In this image, the cardigan “saves” the situation - in his presence, the open body does not look gone.

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