How To Wear Basket Bags In The City

It is not necessary to wait for a vacation to walk a straw bag-basket! You can carry it in your hand, introducing yourself to the carefree Jane Birkin, on the streets of your own city. How? Show on examples!

Catch the wave

The motto of this summer is all the best at once. And do not be afraid that you will look a little extravagant. High-waisted jeans and an off-shoulder top are a great way to go for a walk. And a small bag-basket, similar to the clutch, will easily fit into your image, adding summer carelessness.

Street style

Bohemian history

Pay attention to the knitted tunic with decorative fringe - they look relevant both on the beach and in the city. Add jeans with torn edges, slippers decorated with crystals, glasses in half of the face and do not forget the raffia basket bag. In this boho-image, it will fit in the best way!

Street style

Love of denim

Things from raffia and jute are perfectly combined with clothes from denim, adding to any image, even a whipped-up, casual chic.It doesn't matter what you choose: a denim shirt and shorts or a maxi denim sundress - hang a wicker bag on your shoulder and tune in to the trip to the sea.

Street style

Office chic

Despite the heat, many of us have to comply with the business dress code and follow the boring rules - white top, dark bottom, tights in any weather, closed shoes and much more, br-rr! But what about the bag in the body of corporate rules says nothing? Here is where you can roam. The wicker basket of unusual shape will easily fit into a business image. Pick up earrings for it, and you will not look bored - that's for sure!

Street style

Picnic time

But the classic bag-basket is the best companion at the weekend, and it is irreplaceable if you decide to have a picnic in the park (even a bottle of champagne can fit in this!). An important piece of advice is to build your image so that the woven accessory becomes the centerpiece. To do this, weave multicolored ribbons into the basket or knit a beautiful silk scarf on its handle.

Street style

Evening out

Summer is the time of endless parties. From Friday to Sunday, you want to spend as much time as possible on the street - to dine with friends on the veranda, to dance on the beach, to meet the sunset ... Glamorous clutches and minodiers are absolutely inappropriate here,but a capacious clutch folder of straw will be welcome. Pay attention to laconic monochrome models that perfectly match with bright prints. If you are a fan of pure shades, then feel free to choose a clutch with embroidery. The same clutch can be captured on the beach when the vacation time does come, and use it as a big cosmetic bag.

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