With what to wear a stylish pleated skirt? (15 photo)

In the wardrobe of any girl should be a few skirts for all occasions. And if you want to be romantic, light and feminine, then by all means get the hit of the last seasons - a pleated skirt. But first find out with what and how to wear it.

How to make a choice?

To make the skirt look perfect on you, go to the choice responsibly. The most important points:

  • Length. It will depend not only on your preferences, but also on the features of the figure. So, the mini skirt visually increases the hips, so it does not fit girls with lush forms. For ladies with mouth-watering shapes, an elegant midi-length skirt that will hide all the flaws would be ideal. A long skirt is suitable for slender and tall women.
  • The cloth. The choice of fabric should depend on the season. So, for the summer it is better to buy a skirt of light, flying and flowing material, for example, from silk or chiffon. In spring or autumn it is better to wear a skirt of denser fabrics.And in the winter cold warmed warm knitted skirt, which, incidentally, has become very popular in recent times.
  • What are you getting a skirt for? If you plan to go to her work, then choose a more relaxed and strict option. For everyday wear suitable convenient and bright thing. And for special occasions it is worth getting an elegant and unusual skirt.
  • Colour. The classic of the genre is black. White - light and romantic. The shades of beige are calm and feminine at the same time. And if you want to create a bold and unusual image, pay attention to such fashionable colors as mint, coral, red, yellow, blue or peach.

We carry correctly

What can I wear with a pleated skirt? Lots of options!

Top: create the perfect kit

A few ideas:

  • To create a fresh youth look, choose something voluminous, such as a pullover or an oversize jumper. This kit can be called casual and at the same time very stylish. But do not choose too long things, since most of the skirt should be visible.
  • Shirt. If it is short, wear it out, and if it's long, it's better to tuck your skirts into the belt.
  • Blouse.If you wear it with a midi skirt, you can create an elegant tandem, which is quite suitable for office, official events and business meetings.
  • Midi or maxi skirts blend perfectly with turtlenecks or tight-fitting sweaters. This option is not only feminine, but also convenient.
  • Both short and long summer light skirts can be combined with t-shirts and T-shirts. Also fit the short top, which will make the image more bright and sexy.
  • A long beautiful pleated skirt can be worn at a party or a more important event. Just pick a bright top or corset, embroidered with stones, paillettes or rhinestones. But the skirt must certainly be monophonic and preferably dark (ideal - black).
  • If you are a sporty and active girl, then put on a bright linglish, it will also be combined with a pleated skirt. In this case, a short skirt will look especially stylish.



  • A fashionable, boldly and stylishly pleated skirt (especially long) will look like a leather jacket, similar to a rough leather jacket.
  • Suitable jackets and blazers, both shortened and elongated.
  • With a long skirt you can wear a short coat.
  • You can also wear fur vests. They are best worn over turtlenecks and sweaters.
  • In the spring, autumn or cool summer evening, you can throw a denim jacket or vest. This image will be youth and stylish.
  • With pleated skirts you can wear knitted or knitted cardigans.


What shoes would be appropriate?

  • If you look at photos from fashion shows, you can conclude that court shoes with narrow noses on stilettos look especially feminine and at the same time bright with pleated skirts. But more comfortable shoes with stable heels with rounded noses will do as well.
  • Feel free to wear any ankle boots: elegant on stiletto heels, stylish on stable heels, comfortable on a flat sole and even rough with a lot of locks and rivets.
  • In summer, you can wear plain sandals or comfortable sandals.
  • If you are closer to sporty style, then pick up bright sneakers or more feminine “sneakers”.
  • In the cold season it will be logical to wear boots. You can choose as a feminine model (boots with heels), and more rough ("Cossacks", jockey, hunting or even army boots).
  • Going on a spring walk? Put on a romantic and comfortable ballet costumes.


With a pleated skirt, the following accessories will organically look:

  • Belts. For example, if you chose an elongated top, then outline the silhouette with a thin strap of contrasting color.
  • Bags. Suitable for any model: clutches, envelopes, "shoppers", portfolios and so on.
  • A short skirt will be interesting to look with golfers.
  • Ornaments can be both bright and youthful, and elegant. But they should not be many, as the skirt itself is a bright accent of the image.

Rules and Tips

Some useful tips:

  • If you choose a colored skirt, then the rest of things should be monotonous and calm.
  • Feel free to play with textures. So, light skirts can be combined with knitted jumpers or shirts from dense fabrics.
  • If you chose a thin translucent skirt, then it must certainly have a lining. Otherwise, everyone will see what they should not see.
  • Pleated skirts should not be worn with tight tights.

Wear a pleated skirt and create bold and bright images!

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