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How to Wear a Black Skirt

Eight Methods:

The black skirt can be one of the most versatile pieces in a woman's wardrobe. A knee-length pencil skirt often proves especially adaptable, but A-line skirts and other cuts also work well. Start with a shape that flatters your figure and go from there.


Keep Things Professional

Wear your black skirt to the office, a presentation, or an important meeting. Pair it with clean, tailored pieces and muted accessories.

  1. Select a long-sleeved tailored blouse.Choose a button-down, collared shirt for the most traditional option, and stick with colors like white or light gray pinstripes. If the skirt has a high enough waistline, tuck the shirt in.
  2. Add a pair of black heels to your outfit.Avoid excessively tall heels, and stick with closed-toe options rather than strappy sandals.
  3. Wear a pair of nude nylon stockings.
  4. Keep your accessories to a minimum.Stick with one or two low-key pieces.
    • A nice pair of earrings or a simple necklace add a nice personal touch without looking too glamorous.

Keep Things Casual

A black skirt can go from formal to everyday when matched with casual pieces. Stick with fitted pieces to keep the look from becoming sloppy and mismatched.

  1. Wear a fitted tank top or t-shirt.Choose a top in a solid color over one with a graphic. Some graphic t-shirts may work, but you should be cautious when selecting one to pair with your skirt. Avoid baggy shirts.
  2. Throw on a pair of flats.Choose black flats or ones that match the color of your shirt.
  3. Stay away from elegant diamonds and pearls, and opt for bright, funky costume jewelry, instead.Think long necklaces in bold colors, chunky bracelets, and large earrings.
  4. Keep your legs bare.If you need something to cover your legs, opt for black leggings or dark-wash skinny jeans. Avoid wearing nylon stockings.
  5. Carry your usual casual purse.If you alternate between many purses, then consider going with a large shoulder bag made of durable material over more decorative options.

Glam It Up

Wear your black skirt for a night out by matching it with silver or gold pieces. Tailor the look based on your location. Select a bolder top and higher heels for a night of clubbing, or more conservative alternatives for dinner at a nice restaurant.

  1. Pair your black skirt with a shimmering silver or gold top.Select a glossy satin or silk short-sleeved blouse for a slightly more elegant approach, or go with an edgy halter top with sequin detail for a bolder look appropriate for the night life.
  2. Choose a strappy pair of high heels, matched to the color of your top.
  3. Accessorize abundantly.Think large dangle earrings, jingling bangle bracelets, and long necklaces. Add some color by choosing costume jewelry with colored gemstones, or keep things glitzy by sticking with solid silver or gold pieces and clear stones.
  4. Wear nude nylon stockings if taking a conservative approach with this outfit.If going a bit bolder, skip the stockings.
  5. Carry a sparkly clutch purse.Choose either a black purse or one that matches the color of your top. Alternatively, if you have colored jewelry, you could select a clutch in a bright color that matches your jewelry.

Mimic the Little Black Dress

A simple black skirt can be matched with a black top in order to create a fitting outfit for formal and semi-formal occasions, such as cocktail parties and work dinners.

  1. Pick out a nice black top.Sleeveless tops work best to create the "little black dress" look, but other sleeve lengths may work as well. Search for a top made of the same material as your skirt so that your ensemble blends together more readily.
  2. Wear a pair of black heels.Stilettos, closed-toe pumps, peep-toes, and heeled sandals are all fair game. Select a pair that looks appropriate for the occasion.
  3. Add some nice jewelry.Diamonds and pearls work especially well for formal occasions, but colored costume jewelry will also work as long as you stick with more sophisticated pieces.
  4. Wear nylon stockings in nude, black or lace.
  5. Carry along a wrap in case you get cold.Choose a wrap made of sheer material, and stick with neutral colors like black, white, silver, or gold.
  6. Take a nice clutch purse with you.Look for a black clutch or one that matches the color of your wrap or jewelry.

Go for Classic Romance

When matched with other timeless pieces, a black skirt can call to mind a sense of classic romance. Think soft colors and materials for this look.

  1. Pick out a flowy, feminine top.Look for details like frills, flowers, and lace, and gravitate toward soft colors like white, cream, and light pink.
  2. Match the outfit with a pair of black closed-toe or peep-toe pumps.Avoid shoes that scream "sexy," and stick with slightly more conservative options.
  3. Wear nude nylon stockings.
  4. Accessorize with pearls or mock-pearls.If pearls are not your thing, consider other pieces that have a timeless or vintage look.
  5. Carry a white or cream cardigan sweater in case it gets cold.
  6. Consider carrying a small shoulder bag with a thin strap.Avoid large, clunky purses and stick with designs that look a little more delicate.

Go for Chic

The black skirt also works well with many modern looks. Pair it with your favorite trends, tops, and accessories to create a chic, stylish ensemble.

  1. Select a fashionable blouse with lots of visual detail.Think geometric patterns, polka dots, dashes, or other eye-catching patterns. Do not tuck the top in.
  2. Tie a black belt or sash around the blouse at your natural waist, just below your bust.Select a solid black belt and avoid complicating the look with another pattern.
  3. Wear nude nylon stockings if the occasion demands it.If wearing this outfit shopping or to a gathering with friends, however, you may not need stockings.
  4. Wear trendy heels that you feel comfortable walking around in.Select a black pair, or one that matches a color found in your top.
  5. Stick with a few key pieces of jewelry, but do not overwhelm your outfit with too many extravagant pieces.Consider accessorizing with one or two simple pieces, such as a chain necklace and post earrings that coordinate with the pattern of your top.
  6. Carry a large but simple shoulder bag.Avoid patterned bags, and look for one that matches the color of your shoes.

Look Tough

Match the feminine black skirt with a few masculine pieces to create a tough, edgy look.

  1. Wear a fitted tank top.Opt for black, gunmetal gray, dark colors, or bold colors. Avoid pastels and bright, cheery shades. Tuck in your top.
  2. Throw on a fitted black leather jacket.
  3. Tie a belt around your waist, at the top of your skirt.Look for a thick black belt with studs.
  4. Wear a strappy heel or a heeled boot.Opt for black heels over colored shoes.
  5. Go with nude nylon stockings over black.Alternatively, you may keep your legs bare if the occasion allows it.
  6. Accessorize with heavy, bulky jewelry.Think choker necklaces and chunky bracelets.

Wear It During Colder Weather

Don't hide your black skirt in the bottom of your dresser just because the weather is cold. A black skirt even works in the middle of winter, as long as you take a few extra precautions against the cold.

  1. Select a long-sleeve blouse or light turtleneck sweater made of a fine, thin material.Both patterns and solid colors work, as well as neutrals and colors.
  2. Go with black tights instead of nylon stockings, since tights are thicker and offer more warmth.
  3. Wear high-heeled fashion boots.The boots can either go up to your knee or just past your ankle. Either way, opt for a pair with a top that is visible beneath the hemline of your skirt.
  4. Accessorize as desired.Select pieces that work well with your top.
  5. Select appropriately dressy outerwear.Think pea-coats, wool bucket hats, and silk or satin scarves.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How long should a pencil skirt be?
    Community Answer
    Your skirt should hit at the knee in professional settings. In other environments, it does not matter as much, and you can opt for a more fashionable hemline that is above the knee.
  • Question
    Does a rose pink top go with a black and white skirt?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Yes, that will go together nicely. If you have rose pink shoes, that would really tie the look together.
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  • If sticking with one black skirt, carefully choose a style that flatters your body type best. Knee-length pencil skirts and A-lines work for most figures, but don't be afraid to choose another alternative if you feel confident in it.
  • Buy a few black skirts in different cuts and lengths for the most versatility. While the same skirt may work for most looks, different styles will give you even more variety to choose from.

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  • Blouses and other shirts
  • Various dress shoes
  • Various pieces of jewelry

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