How to wean smoking?

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from nicotine addiction. This applies not only to male representatives. The number of women who smoke is increasing every year. To deal with this type of addiction is very difficult. If you can get rid of physical addiction, psychological cravings remain for the rest of your life.

First of all, to quit smoking, it is necessary that the smoker himself wants it. Otherwise, all efforts to wean him from cigarettes will be in vain. Many girls who do not smoke themselves, ask the same question: "How to wean the guy to smoke?". But getting the guy to quit smoking is not that easy.

Techniques for forcing a person to quit smoking

  • The first way: "Talk as often as possible about the effects of tobacco on the body." This, of course, is not the most effective method, but it affects some, men. The point is that you tell how tobacco affects a person. A smoker should be scared if he is worried about his health. You can show a few films about the dangers of smoking (there are a lot of them on the Internet). And most importantly, the movie will be worse, the better.
  • The second way: "Competition".Weaning a guy from smoking will be easier if you arrange a so-called competition. Find out what he doesn't like about you (it can be any annoying habit), and promise that you will get rid of it as soon as he quits smoking. You’ll have something like a little rivalry, a little motivation for a smoker. Also this method can be used by guys who do not know how to wean a girl to smoke, which they are not indifferent to.
  • The third way can be useful for all couples in which both a guy and a girl smoke. It is called "Quitting smoking together is much easier." Together it is always much easier to solve any problems. So you can fight with nicotine addiction. Make a plan for phasing out smoking. You can give up one to three cigarettes every week. When you get close to five cigarettes, then you need to give up the smoke completely. Support each other, and together you will be struggling with this problem much easier. Chips, seeds, crackers or sweets will help soothe the nerves and occupy the mouth and hands. Just do not overdo it!

How to wean a person to smoke properly?

To do this, first of all, a person must somehow be stimulated. This incentive can serve as an expensive gift, or, conversely, you can show him different photos of people with cancer of the throat or lungs. Try to support it by any means, visit more often those places where it is strictly forbidden to smoke.

For women who are interested in the question: How to wean the husband to smoke? In principle, all previous options are suitable. Still, as one of the ways, you can tell your spouse about the dangers of passive smoking and the effect of cigarette smoke on the body of people around him. If you have no children, then let him promise you that as soon as you get pregnant, he will immediately quit smoking. After all, smoking is very dangerous for the health of the future baby. And it is unlikely that your unborn child's dad will want to make it, even in the womb, a passive smoker.

You can also try to find a job for your chosen one in some prestigious organization. After all, prestigious firms mainly prefer employees who have no bad habits.

How to wean smoking teens?

The process of weaning a smoker from cigarettes is very difficult.Many are beginning to be addicted to nicotine since adolescence. How to wean a teenager to smoke? - This is a difficult question that needs to be approached with all seriousness.

According to statistics, the people around him influence the decision of a teenager to start smoking. Since children very often take their cue from their elders, friends, parents and loved ones. So, it is better to initially think about the future of your child. But, if you did not avoid it and your child started smoking, you can seriously start controlling his pocket money and his financial expenses in general, as he can save on one to buy another. But try not to overdo it, as he has a crisis of transitional age.

The most important way to wean a child to smoke is moral support. You should not intimidate him about the dangers of smoking, as he himself understands this very well, especially since he should not be threatened with severe punishment. Better give him psychological help. Perhaps your child has a lack of self-confidence, problems with friends or with the opposite sex. Try to inspire confidence in him, talk to him and prove to him that starting to smoke is not a solution.Remember that quitting smoking is very difficult, so try to support in every way people who have decided to get rid of this terrible addiction.

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