How to use girlish grapes in landscape design

Girlish grapes can be used in different ways: for the formation of a hedge, for decorating facades, outbuildings, balconies and loggias. Due to the dense foliage of the plant, you can create an additional shadow.

girlish grapes in landscape design photo

The easiest way to use girlish grapes is to form a hedge. It is enough to plant the plant at the fence or at any other hedge and in a maximum of a year they will cover the whole free area. If you do not want to close the entire fence with a “carpet” of girlish grapes, you can form an elegant arch out of it, starting over the gate or the entrance to the garden. Girlish grapes are also convenient for zoning - it is enough to install a support of the required size and shape and plant grapes around it.

Girlish grapes are ideal for improving the aesthetic appearance of buildings. They can decorate the house directly or hide the unsightly walls of the outbuildings behind the bizarre branches.The girl's grape becomes an excellent solution when it is necessary to transform gazebos, pergolas, rotundas and other objects of landscape design.

girlish grapes in landscape design

Even within the city, you can use girlish grapes, decorating with it balconies or loggias. A “living” wall can easily grow out of ordinary containers, the main thing is to periodically fertilize the soil in which the plant is planted.

Care for the girl's grapes is simple, because he practically does not get sick, grows well in the shade and in the sun, gets on well with other plants. Choosing girlish grapes as an element of landscape design, it is important not to let it grow.

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