How to update virus databases Nod32

Activate the internet connection. On the taskbar, find the antivirus icon to update the virusbases�Nod32. Double click on it with the left mouse button. Antivirus window will open. Click on the �Protection Status� tab. It will indicate how many days the current ones will be relevant.bases�antivirus signatures.
Then go to the �Update� tab and click on the �Update Virusbases". Wait until the update is complete. You can put it in the background. Close the antivirus window.
Set the automatic update of the anti-virus database in the settings so that the anti-virus regularly regularly visits the Nod32 site and is updated. In this case, you do not have to monitor the status of the relevance of the virus signature databases. While the license key of the antivirus will be valid, they will be updatedbases. A few weeks before its expiration, go to the official developer site and purchase a new key.
Download antivirusbases�from the official site Nod32, if you need to update the antivirus on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. Save them on your flash drive. Drop them on your computer in any folder. Unpack. Then run the antivirus. Go to the update menu. Select "Settings". A new window will appear.
In it, find the item "Servers". Click on the "Add" button. Specify the path to the folder where you unpacked the archive data with anti-virus databases. Click OK. Return to the "Settings" window. Select "Location". Then select "Server".
Specify again the path to the folder where you unpacked the contents of the archive. Return to the update window. Click on the "Update Now" button. Wait until the update of the virus database of the program is complete. Close the antivirus and restart the computer.

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