How to understand a woman that a man is in love with?

Still, women are also born romantics. They are so inside themselves dreaming to find true love, that for this they are willing to shut their eyes to most things, negative things that their man does. They seem to embellish the existing relationship, thereby viewing every male act as closely and closely as possible, in order to see at least some signs of his love in the midst of it. Consider some of the signs of a man or a man in love.

Key features:

  • he is shy and shy. But this does not mean that he was always like this from birth. He does not really understand why he is in such a strange state. It came to him love, or maybe love. This state can not be controlled by men who are really in love.
  • he may be too talkative or too silent and reticent. In the first case, he tries to show all his good sides and qualities.He knows inside himself that sociability is the key to success, and women like sociable young people very much, as they themselves like to communicate a lot.
  • he can be scattered and confused. If love lives in his soul, then he begins to lose something. These can be keys, small things, money, telephones and the like. The bottom line is that he not only loses, but he constantly forgets about everything. It may even forget what day, month or year it is. And he himself becomes afraid of all this. He perfectly understands what is happening, but he cannot control it.
  • he is neat Very positive side with love. Despite all the above, he knows that pedantry can bring great success in love affairs.

Now consider some elements of the behavior of a boy in love.

  • he has a shiver in his body only at the sight or thought of that which he is not indifferent about. This state is also impossible to overcome. This will continue until near his beloved.
  • it completely gives out a luster in the eyes. That incredible look, how he looks at the one that warms his soul.Here you can instantly understand that he is happy.
  • he has always running and lowered eyes. He does not seem to know where to put it and always looks for better places.
  • truly lovers will always very carefully monitor their appearance. Even if he had never done an accent on this before. He will fill his wardrobe only with the best things.
  • he suddenly has creative inspiration. Starts writing poetry and singing songs. The people close to him will be very surprised by the sudden changes in their relative, especially if you have not seen anything like this before. Even if he doesn’t do everything perfectly, he will try his best.
  • He wants to have similar tastes with his beloved. He tries to love all that she loves. If she likes snotty love series, he will force herself to see the same thing, then to discuss interesting moments with her. He tries to begin to understand cosmetics and makeup, hairstyles, women's magazines, trying to tell her about the latest updates on this topic. If she loves sweets or fruits, he always, returning from work, will bring her something tasty.Be sure to give her everything. And she will never eat until she starts eating.
  • he does not sleep at night, he thinks about her. He dreams of a gift in the form of reciprocity from his beloved. He is undernourished, not getting enough sleep, he is constantly mentally with her. And even just her smile will bring him the highest pleasure. Of course, this affects his appearance. He has sleepy eyes, a tired look. In love will be in every way to show signs of attention. Even the most ridiculous. He wants to give her everything that belongs to him, including all his free time. He will forget about all his friends and relatives. Choosing between a walk with friends and a sweetheart - he will choose her.
  • may even go so far as to start confusing the names of his familiar girls. He will begin to call them the name of his beloved.
  • he will do everything to make her feel good. Within reasonable limits, of course.

Love and be loved :)!

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