How to turn a small balcony into a fabulous blooming garden

Many families attach such an area to a room to expand the space, but they do not completely remove the walls that separate the room and the balcony. This option looks very profitable, since on the one hand the space becomes larger, and on the other, this small appendix, which can live an independent life and carry a completely different functional role.

If the balcony is not large in width, but it has a good parameter in length, then you can work with such space and find a good solution for it. As for the fabulous garden, there is no need to be afraid to experiment. You can paint the walls in bright, rich exotic colors that will blend in with the plants that live in this area.

As for the plants themselves, now in the shops you can find fancy bookshelves that emphasize the originality of the style, as well as make the care of flowers more convenient, thanks to its design.

It is possible to purchase suspended structures that can be placed on the walls. Especially good to hang those flowers that have long leaves, or shoots grow down. They will not interfere with other plants, and take away the light from them. As for the floor, it can also be, or even need to use. It is best to place trees or shrubs on the floor, which are prohibited from hitting the direct rays of the sun.

Do not forget about the shelves. For them, it is worth highlighting one corner where all the necessary tools will be stored. Such an arrangement will not only save space for additional ideas, but also will not allow plants to experience discomfort, because everyone needs their own small space. If space permits, then you can put a small coffee table and two chairs on the balcony. Especially in winter, such an environment will remind you of warm days and warm your memories in anticipation of the next season.

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