How to trim a bathroom with PVC panels

Any repair work is a real job. In order to properly wall the bathroom walls with plastic panels with your own hands, you must follow certain rules and instructions.

Advantages of paneling

All PVC panels have certain significant advantages:
  • Environmental friendliness of the material;
  • High strength;
  • Wear resistance
  • Practical use;
  • Easy to install and mount;
  • The material is resistant to temperature changes
  • Low cost.
It can be said unequivocally that such panels are a modern and refined material for facing the bathroom of a room. Moreover, such panels can be mounted with their own hands. With the use of certain tools.

Tools for tile installation

Absolutely all the tools that are needed for repairs, can be purchased at a hardware store or even ordered online.To install the plates yourself, you will need:
  • Level;
  • Drill or perforator;
  • / li>
  • Measuring Roulette;
  • Liquid nails.

Ways of installation works

First, you need to decide on the finishing method. There are two of them: frame and glue. Each of these methods involves a specific installation technology. For example, the frame - this is the method by which the crate is applied. The glue method is liquid nails. With the skeleton method, preliminary wall preparation is excluded. In addition, this skeleton method is great for large rooms. In addition, the installation of communications under the panel is allowed. What can not be said about the adhesive method. The surface must be prepared in advance, to be absolutely flat and without flaws. The adhesive method is practical only for small rooms. Each of the methods is simple and effective in its own way.

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