How to treat ureaplasmosis in women

What is ureaplasma

Ureaplasmas are a transitional substance between viruses and bacteria. During the course of evolution, their cell membrane collapsed. It got its name due to its ability to break down urea, that is, it is a urinary tract infection, since ureaplasma cannot exist without urea.

Course of the disease

The incubation period for infection with urealismosis lasts one month. However, much depends on the condition of the patient. If the body is healthy, then the infection can stay in it for several years without showing itself. One has only to break the microflora, as ureaalmosis will surely make itself felt. In women, the disease is often asymptomatic. Sometimes there may be watery discharge from the vagina and pain when urinating, but, as a rule, due attention is not paid to these signs.
If the woman's body is weakened, then ureaplasma can move along the genital tract and lead to adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages) or endometriosis.

Treatment of ureaplasmosis

If the analysis by PCR or any other method revealed that you have ureaplzam and an inflammatory process is observed in the body, then treatment is necessary. It should be carried out in conjunction with the sexual partner, as ureaplasmas negatively affect the reproductive system of men.
Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis. Urealasms have the ability to easily adapt to different antibiotics. That is why sometimes you have to spend several courses of treatment. Treatment of ureaplasmosis is indicated, even if the patient is pregnant. Of the antibiotics prescribed vilprafen, erythromycin, etc. Mandatory local treatment in the form of suppositories, and if necessary, the doctor may prescribe a course of immunostimulants.
At the time of treatment, partners should definitely abandon sexual relations, it is necessary to exclude spicy and fried foods from your diet, to refrain from drinking alcohol.
Two weeks after the end of the course of treatment, a control analysis for ureaplasma should be taken. If the analysis is negative, then it is desirable to do another control analysis in a month. In the case of a positive analysis, treatment will continue.
Remember, infections are easier to prevent than to cure. Avoid sexual intercourse with casual partners and do not forget about condoms. After all, sexually transmitted infections can cause secondary female infertility.

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