How to treat mosquito bites

You will need
  • - plantain;
  • - ice or chilled drink;
  • - “Valocordin”, “Corvalol”, calendula tincture, “Asterisk” balsam;
  • - Essential oil of clove, mint, eucalyptus, tea tree;
  • - soda;
  • - ammonia;
  • - pharmaceutical ointments and plaster.
Try not to scratch the mosquito bite site before you get to where you can help yourself. Sometimes itching can be unbearable, but it will be much more difficult to treat scratched skin, and the remaining trace will remind you of your time spent in nature for a long time.
Those who have been stung by nature should try to relieve the itch with the help of available tools. Fortunately, such can be obtained, even while in the forest or near the river bank. Tear the plantain, rinse the sheet with clean water, rub it a little between the palms and apply to the bite. Gradually, the itching subsides, and the skin brightens.
To relieve swelling and somewhat relieve itching helps cold. If you have access to the ice, or if you have a jar of chilled drink with you, keep the cold for a while at the bite site. After that you will feel better.
If you have been attacked by mosquitoes not far from civilization, and you have access to a first-aid kit, look for Valocordin, Corvalol, calendula tincture, Zvezdochka balsam. Apply the product to the affected area and try not to touch the skin until the liquid or ointment dries.
Aromatherapy lovers can use essential oils in order to relieve itching. Apply a drop of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree oil to the bite site. However, such treatment can be started only if you have used these oils before, and you know for certain that they do not cause you an allergic reaction.
The remedy for the treatment of mosquito bites can be prepared from ordinary drinking soda. Mix three teaspoons of soda with a teaspoon of water. As a result, you will have a thick gruel that needs to be applied to the affected areas. Wait until the improvised ointment dries. If the itch has not passed, soda can be applied again.
It will help to calm down the aching place of the bite of ammonia. Moisten a cotton pad in it and wipe reddened skin. Gradually, the swelling will subside and stop itching.
In pharmacies, you can purchase special tools that will help to cope with itchy skin after meeting mosquitoes. Before you go for a walk out of town, purchase Fenistal, Akomarin, Savior Balsam and other tools that will help you deal with your problem. There are also patches that prevent scratching the bite. Be fully prepared, and then the mosquitoes will not be scary to you.

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