How to treat big red acne?

Any rash on the skin is cause for reasonable anxiety, because in most cases they signal malfunctions in the body, most often for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as the stomach, liver and intestines. In addition, they significantly impair the quality of life, because often acne and other skin inflammations are localized on the face - the person’s business card.

In order to get rid of skin problems as soon as possible, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will help to identify the cause of the phenomenon and, at the same time with the treatment of rashes, to conduct adequate therapy of the organ that provoked their appearance, because the area of ​​acne dislocation usually indicates a system of the organism that has failed.

For example, the cardiovascular system declares its violations by changes in the skin on the forehead, the digestive system on the cheeks, and the visual on the nose. The revealed hypodermic inflammations on the chin indicate diseases of the reproductive system.

The rash on the inside of the lips, which is uncomfortable and constantly itchy, is closely related to the problems of the mucosa. Large red acne is most dangerous if it is located near the eyes, because it indicates renal impairment, which immediately affects the elimination of recycled toxins from the body.

The stasis of harmful substances provokes the occurrence of inflammatory processes on the skin and leads to the development of other complications, therefore timely diagnosis is simply necessary at the initial stage. Moreover, it is impossible to notice inflamed red formations, grouped as a separate triangle in a separate zone of the face.

The main factors for the appearance of rash

The causes of itchy skin rashes are different, but mostly, red acne results from:

  • allergic reactions of the body;
  • response to adverse external influences;
  • human genetic predisposition;
  • unbalanced, unhealthy diet;
  • excessive activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • malfunctions in the functioning of internal organs;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • hormonal changes;
  • abuse of comedogenic cosmetics.

It is not necessary to mask the acne with cosmetics, because this can only aggravate the inflammation, bringing the infection under the skin, and significantly increase the period of subsequent treatment and its cost. Moreover, today there are a lot of means and methods targeted at any wealth and opportunity for getting effective results. Well and, we remind, first of all - diagnostics, which will indicate the correct course of action in collaboration with narrow specialists and cosmetologists.

Ways to solve the problem

The appearance, spoiled by skin defects, directly affects the mood, so the “happy” owner of red acne strives to learn how to remove rashes on the face in the shortest possible time. Modern cosmetology works wonders, and new developments of specialists are able to solve skin problems efficiently and quickly by sparing methods, but they are usually expensive.

However, this is not the reason for the refusal of self-care, because regular salon procedures performed by professional cosmetologists allow you to always maintain the skin of the face at the proper level, preventing the appearance of rash.There are democratic ways to get rid of large red acne, which are successfully used in traditional medicine.

It is quite possible to create a high-quality medical product at home based on the available components, which will help to return the skin to normal, but not as soon as the salon procedure.

Three areas of therapy

So, we will not mask acne, so as not to provoke the development of the inflammatory process. We will turn to a doctor who will understand the history and prescribe the most rational treatment. It is usually complex, so it may contain the following directions:

  1. Drug treatment. It includes various drugs that are used at home by a doctor’s prescribed course. For example: “Zenerit”, “Kuriozin”, “Klenzit”, “Differin” and others, offered by the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines are most often produced in the form of ointments or tablets. Of budgetary analogues - ichthyol or salicylic acid.
  2. Cosmetic procedures in specialized salons, in the form of chemical or laser peeling, ozone therapy, ultrasonic face cleansing.The most effective method will choose a beautician on the basis of the location and properties of the inflammatory process.
  3. Means of traditional medicine, in the form of decoctions of medicinal herbs or special masks based on them. These are traditional herbs - chamomile and oak, nettle and calendula, birch and burdock.

The best recipes for household formulations

They are simply prepared and simply used, and the components for the compositions are often at hand, affordable and familiar in household use. Folk remedies for red acne in the form of disinfecting lotions for daily use and anti-inflammatory masks for a one-time week, will help restore skin health, along with the treatment course prescribed by a doctor.

  1. For aloe lotion, cut the bottom sheets, keep them in the fridge for two weeks, then chop to squeeze the juice. Wipe pimples before bedtime.
  2. Lotion of dry flowers is also good in treating acne, if applied three times a week. Prepared from a tablespoon of grass and two glasses of boiling water, infused for half an hour, cooled and drained.
  3. You can make applications from circles of lemon, superimposed on the spots of acne lesions for ten minutes.
  4. Effective use of soda lotions. Baking soda is diluted with water to a thick gruel.You can replace the water gel. The mixture is applied once a day to the site of inflammation for just a minute.
  5. For a protein mask, you need to beat a couple of egg whites. The mask is applied on the face, aged for a quarter of an hour. The procedure is carried out every other day.
  6. Successfully use a compress made of cool brewed green tea.
  7. Treat acne and honey mask in the form of honey heated in a water bath to a liquid state. The product is kept warm in the face and held for fifteen minutes.
  8. Make lotion from raw potato juice. You can use the remedy three times a day.
  9. Cosmetic clay for masks is always successful and in demand. Moreover, its varieties are used for different skin types. For example, white clay is for sensitive skin, black is for any type of skin, blue is for dry skin, and green is for oily skin. Clay is diluted with additional components to a state of gruel and applied to the face until completely dry. Then wash off with warm water and nourish a good cream. Clay masks allow you to get a result not worse than the salon at home at a convenient time.
  10. Even regular toothpaste can be helpful in treating rashes.It perfectly dries, destroys the infection with bacteria, helps to heal the skin and stop the inflammatory process. It is applied to the areas of skin lesions.

How to avoid?

Prevention always brings fruit. Therefore, if you follow simple rules, you can not only alleviate the condition of existing acne, but also prevent a new inflammatory process. What to do:

  • wash at least twice a day with cold water and use an anti-bacterial soap;
  • for normal blood circulation do not ignore a special facial massage, clean hands using a cream;
  • moisturize the skin with lotions or creams that additionally help get rid of itching, such as aloe vera cream;
  • make a cube of ice and regularly wipe their face;
  • once a week to clean the skin;
  • Do not touch the skin with dirty hands.

Large red acne is a consequence that can be cured by identifying and removing the root cause. Do not rush to solve the problem quickly, treating it superficially. Running the process is fraught with not displayed defects in the form of scars, which will remain forever.

Only an in-depth integrated approach can relieve skin inflammations today, and prevent their occurrence tomorrow. Love your skin, take care of it daily, and then no acne can affect your mood.

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