How to treat anxiety

You will need
  • - antidepressants;
  • - neuroleptics;
  • - herbal sedatives;
  • - pharmaceutical agents for pressure stabilization.
If you systematically feel anxiousstate, you are nervous about trifles, you are irritated, you do not sleep well at night, and during the day you experience drowsiness, consult a GP You will be given a general medical examination, on the basis of its results, they will write out a referral to a specialist who will take care of your treatment in the future.
Mental disorders that are almost always accompaniedstatem anxiety, treated with medical pharmaceuticals. If the survey results showed depression, you will be prescribed antidepressants with a predominantly sedative effect: Amitriptyline, Gherphonal, Sinekvan, Trittico, Azafen, Lerivon or other derivatives of doxepin, trazodone, pipofezin, trimipramil.
If the diagnosis is a mixed disorder with a predominance of anxiety, sleeplessness at night with daytime sleepiness, the doctor may prescribe drugs of a balanced action: Lyudiomil, Pyrazidol, Coaxil, Paxil, Zoloft. Pharmaceutical preparations are selected individually for each patient, the prescribed doses and the timing of administration depend on the severity of the symptoms of the disease and concomitant chronic disorders in the body. Independent selection of psychotropic drugs is strictly contraindicated.
In severe emotional disorder, which is accompanied by severe behavioral disorders, increased anxiety, and other symptoms, the doctor may prescribe the neuroleptics “Sonapaks”, “Neuleptil” and directional tranquilizers.
Mild emotional disorders with the presence of anxiety are treated with sedatives mainly of plant origin. Assign infusion, decoction or extract of motherwort, peppermint, St. John's wort, oregano, hops, valerian.

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