How to treat a skin burn

How to treat a skin burnHow to treat a skin burn

We will understand how to treat skin burns.



As soon as possiblecool burn place- it will reduce pain, reduce burning sensation and limit the surface of damaged tissues. The high temperature, from which cells die, lasts up to six hours, creating a "warmer effect". Hold the area of ​​the burn under a cold stream of water for 10-15 minutes. You can attach a clean gauze or linen napkin moistened with cold water to the wound, or wrap it in slices of food ice for cocktails.


The skin after a burn reddenedbut no blisters? Wipe it with vodka (evaporating alcohol cold tissues), and then often and abundantly lubricate with special ointment (can be found in any pharmacy). Only do not use ointments on an oil basis! Under the fat layer, the temperature decreases more slowly, and the “hot-water bottle effect” increases.


Bubbles appear on reddened skin.with fluid and moist areas? Do not lubricate them with vodka, alcohol, iodine, brilliant green, potassium permanganate - it will only cause unbearable pain! Do not sprinkle with talc and starch - bring the infection! Applywet dressingwith an antiseptic solution (two to four crushed tablets into a glass of warm water, which must then be cooled). Vaporizing, it will reduce the temperature of the burned area. Dip into a solution of bandage or gauze, folded in several layers, slightly squeeze and cover the burned area of ​​skin, capturing 2-3 cm of healthy skin on the edges. Secure with a bandage, but not too tight.


Another variant- apply to the affected areaanti-burn sprayor a special water-soluble ointment (can be without a dressing). The drug will have an antiseptic and anti-burn effect, acceleratinghealing of the skin after a burn.


Folk remedies for skin burn treatment.



  1. Boil hard-boiled the required number of eggs, remove the yolks and overcook them in a frying pan over low heat until a black, sticky ointment is obtained. If this ointment is smeared on the burned place, it will heal very quickly.
  2. Honey is used as an effective treatment for skin burns. It weakens pain, prevents the formation of blisters, promotes rapid healing.
  3. Grate raw potatoes to make 100 g of gruel.Add to it 1 teaspoon of honey and mix everything thoroughly. Put the mixture on a 1 cm layer of gauze, put such a bandage on the burned area of ​​skin and carefully fix it with a bandage. After 2 hours, remove the dressing, remove the honey-potato mixture remaining on the skin and remove with gauze. These dressings need to be applied several times.
  4. Aloe leaf is applied 2 times a day to the burned place, cutting off the top layer, or pounded leaf, strengthening it with a bandage.
  5. Brew strong black or green tea, cool to 13–15 ° C. Water brewed baked places. You can apply a bandage dipped in brewing. Change it, not letting it dry. The procedure is carried out for 10–12 days.

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