How to transport the house

So, for example, modular houses are transported on low-frame platforms of heavy trucks, where they are placed with the help of special manipulators with various attachments.
If there are empty spaces in the house, they must be filled with ballast, the weight of which is carefully calculated.
Since houses have different designs and weights, and modular elements of suchhousesare sensitive to mechanical stress, special packaging is provided for them during the transportation.
To carry out such transportation is possible only for specialized organizations with the appropriate technical equipment. Any attempts to independently organize the transportation of the house may have a sad end. The requirements for the safety of such shipments are very high. All structural elements and packages are rigidly attached to the transport platform.
It is strictly forbidden to transport by drag unless special devices are available, as well as the use of lifting loops for transportation.There are restrictions on the speed of movement. So, when transporting a house on a paved road, the speed is limited to 30 km / h, on a dirt road - 15 km / h and off-road - 5 km / h.
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Here, for example, as in the 30s of the last century, moved the building of the Moscow City Council. For this, a pit was dug in the yard and special paths were laid at a depth of four meters. The winches and jacks were involved in moving the building. The 13-meter path was covered in just 41 minutes. In total, in the prewar years, 23 buildings were moved in Moscow. Nowadays, more advanced technologies are used.

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