How to translate American sizes

Print a special table that lists all existing size systems, including American ones. Take it with you to the store and use it every time there is a difficulty. It is not always possible to understand which country’s system is being used at a given point — contact the seller and ask him about it. It is enough to remember one size - for example, Russian, and find the corresponding in other countries.
Use the size converter. This program can be found on the Internet. Record the results you see somewhere, or just remember. This method has one drawback: not everyone can boast that things of the same size are always suitable for him, since even Russian patterns do not produce clothes of the same cut. However, the disadvantage is easy to eliminate. Remember that for each next Russian size to the US you need to add not two, but one, and you can easily calculate what you need.
Ask for advice from the seller in the store.He will help you to understand the sizes indicated on the labels and select the desired one. However, in this case it is better to immediately take in the fitting room not only the size that has been chosen, but also a size larger and smaller.
Choose a size system that you think is most convenient, and measure your parameters in accordance with its requirements. So, to understand your Russian size, determine the following indicators: chest girth, waist and hips. It is believed that even one dimension is enough for an understanding of size - the first one, but in the aggregate three sizes will give a more accurate result. Also note that sizes may vary when purchasing different items of clothing.

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