How to transfer the topic

Connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB connection cable and use the specialized Active Sync application to create the necessary connection. Find the transfer to be made.topicin the directory of the mobile device and create a copy of it on your computer. Repeat all of the above steps with the second unit and transfer the desiredtopicto the telephone directory of the addressee.
Use Bluetooth technology to transfer the selected theme to another mobile phone. To do this, activate the Bluetooth function in the device settings menu and expand its settings menu. Specify the command “We always see” and repeat the same actions with the second device. Run the search option on any of the used devices and save the found name on another phone. Specify the file of the selected theme and use the "Transfer" command. Select the saved name of the recipient device in the list of found interfaces and save the receivedtopic.
Make sure that the Internet access feature is available on both mobile devices and expand the “Messages” menu of the phone with the subject to be broadcasted to use an alternative transfer method.Select the item "MMS message" and select the command "Create". Specify to be transferredtopicin the list of images and enter the value of the recipient’s name in the “To” field. Confirm your choice by clicking the "Finish" button.
Try using the infrared ports of your mobile devices to transfer the selected topic, but be aware of the limitations of this type of communication - low speed and the need for direct contact. Specify the IR port as a transmission channel and use the “Send” command. This action can take quite a long time, so make sure to complete the process before disconnecting.

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