How to transfer pregnancy different signs of the zodiac

There are no two identical women and two identical pregnancies. But something common can still be found.

Stretch marks and nausea, an incredible craving for the most ridiculous combinations of products, swelling and back, which at the end of the day just falls off - the pregnancy is still not too similar to the glossy picture. And no matter how convinced we are that this is the most wonderful time in life, this beauty still has a reverse side. But if some signs of the zodiac are ready to assume that this is all - a small payment for the miracle that will appear at the end, then others fall into depression for the slightest reason and intend, if not to pass the pregnancy, then to shift. In general, astrologers are confident that the date of our own birth affects the way we cope with our own parenthood.


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Aries, with their determination and willingness to solve any problem, perceive pregnancy as a challenge. Their optimism will help them cope with emotional changes in this period.But at the same time, Aries easily lose their temper. And under the influence of the hormonal storm of pregnant women they are ready not to go out of themselves, but to jump out. By the way, the warning to Aries's girlfriends: the representatives of this zodiac sign are very honest and straightforward. And they will talk about their pregnancy without embellishment: all this nausea, belching and other unattractive companions of the position of Aries-mom will surely become public property.


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Representatives of this zodiac sign are reliable and practical, which allows them to cope with the changes and stresses inherent in the pregnant position, if not easily, then gracefully. Tauruses always carefully visit doctors, pass tests and undergo screenings. Therefore, any surprises, surprises and complications during pregnancy usually does not happen. But at the same time, this does not mean that Taurus�s pregnancy is so easy. They can not tolerate change, so it�s quite difficult for them to get used to the changes in their body.


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The nervous nature of the Twins will make them panic the whole pregnancy. They will be afraid of everything: painful childbirth, and the fact that a good mother will not leave them.And so worries about the future health of the baby will be full. Additional discomfort for Gemini is caused by the fact that they suddenly find themselves put in a frame: they can no longer eat and drink anything, some classes will also have to be avoided. And the Twins do not tolerate restrictions. In addition, they will have to make a lot of decisions during these nine months. The twins, because of their dual nature, do not like to make decisions.


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One of the most closed signs of the zodiac. Rest assured, they will not announce a pregnancy right away: they need time to be alone with this event. Emotional, sentimental and sensitive Cancers take a lot of photos during pregnancy, enjoy every little milestone: the first screening, the first movement of the baby, the first purchases for a newborn. Because of the somewhat capricious nature of the Cancers, one must be ready for their mood swings � perhaps they will be more often than other signs.

a lion

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Lions are by nature stubborn and persistent. Both of these qualities they will show in everything that concerns the birth of a baby: from choosing a name to the place where the crib will stand.If Leo decides to give birth in the presence of her husband or at home in the bath, it will be impossible to dissuade her. Lions love to be treated like queens. And in pregnancy, they will simply crave royal treatment. The world must revolve around it, and with the birth of a child, nothing will change. Is that the focus now will be two people: mother and baby. And, by the way, you should not touch her stomach without permission. Sorry.


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Virgos are hardworking and practical, which will allow them to cope well with pregnancy. preparing for the birth of the baby will not turn into chaos: Virgo will study books about motherhood (perhaps read them all), lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle and do everything to give birth to a healthy baby. At the same time, Virgo will be tormented by fears that she did something wrong and turned out to be a bad mother before the birth of the baby. For example, if she accidentally drank half a cup of caffeinated coffee, expect panic. All because of the tendency to excessive self-criticism.


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Scales are sometimes very prone to falling into despondency and start feeling sorry for themselves. Usually they are able to cope with this feeling. But during pregnancy it becomes an impossible task.Therefore, when an indisposition begins (and it always happens, sooner or later), Libra is ready to lie down and die. They certainly need someone nearby: someone who will comfort and prepare ginger tea during pregnancy and tell how they have become round and pretty closer to the last months.


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Usually hot and passionate, Scorpios endure pregnancy with surprising equanimity. It seems that he doesn�t care about all the stresses of this period. And all because Scorpions are ladies by their very bold. Fear of childbirth and impending maternity, they are able to push into the background. For them, this is more a new step than overcoming oneself. But this does not mean that they do not worry at all. Scorpios are brave ladies, but not stone.


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Strelets Troops will have to lead a more restrained way of life than usual, and this upsets them. They adore freedom, walks and travel! Therefore, the first news of pregnancy can plunge them into shock, panic and despair. But soon their wonderful sense of humor, optimism and enthusiasm will come to the aid of the Sagittarius. Together, they will perfectly cope with all the doubts and anxieties faced by future mothers.


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There is no such thing in the world that will make Capricorn panic. And pregnancy will not force. Their incredible, epic self-control, discipline and responsibility - a guarantee that during pregnancy they will follow all the prescriptions of a doctor, follow a diet and visit specialists. Capricorns, as a rule, are naturally family oriented. Therefore, the news of motherhood is unlikely to upset them. And they will perfectly cope with it - all because of the propensity to perfectionism.


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You will not believe it, but Aquarius more often than other mothers become single mothers or even foster parents. No, they are not abandoned, they themselves make such a choice. All because of the independent nature of Aquarius. Their emotional closeness, restraint in expressing feelings can make others think that Aquarius is not at all happy with what is waiting for a child. But the closest know: they are worried, waiting for the upcoming event, like all other mothers.


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Representatives of this sign are usually melancholic, prone to pessimism. Therefore, it may be more difficult for them to cope with the stresses of pregnancy. For the same reason, they may face such a nuisance as postpartum depression.But with all the sadness, grief, they are usually helped to cope with creativity - music or another kind of art captures and distracts them from their experiences.

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