How to transfer pictures from computer to phone

The classic way to download pictures on your phone withcomputeris the connection of these devices using a data cable that comes bundled with a mobile phone. Before connecting the phone to the computer, install the mobile phone driver on it, which is recorded on the CD, which is also included in the package. In addition to the driver from the disk, you can install special programs with which you can synchronize calendar and contact data with the phone, as well as work with files recorded on it. Depending on the model, the phone connected to the computer may be defined as the phone itself, or a removable disk. In the first case, passPicturesit is possible with the help of proprietary programs, and in the second case with standard tools of the operating system.
Transfer toPicturesfromcomputerYou can also use a card reader on the phone,writing them directly to your phone’s flash card. This method is suitable only for those phones that support the work with flash cards. To passPicturesfromcomputeron the phone, remove the flash card from it and insert it into the card reader built-in or connected to the computer. For mini versions of flash cards use special adapters. Transferring pictures fromcomputeron the phone in this way is no different from writing files to a regular removable disk.
Transfer toPicturesfromcomputerYou can also use wireless technologies on the phone, in particular, Bluetooth technology. Make sure Bluetooth is in your computer and phone. Then turn on the module on both devices. To connect, click on the Bluetooth icon in the system traycomputer. In the connection dialog box, click on the "Add device" button. Follow the wizard’s instructions to set up the connection.

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