How to transfer from one tariff to another in the Megafon network in 2018

The reasons for changing the tariff used can be very different - for example, it stopped arranging the former one or a new, more attractive one appeared. If there is Internet access, then changing the tariff plan is a very easy task.
Open MegaFon website: likely, when you open it, you will automatically be transferred to the page of your region. If this does not happen, choose your place of residence by opening the menu at the top of the main page of the site. Please note that the list will include both regions and regions of Russia. For example, if you live in the Vologda region, you will immediately see it in the list. But if you live in the Rostov region or the Krasnodar Territory, select the line "Caucasian region" and on the new page select your region in the list.
You are on the page of your area.At the top is the link "Tariffs", click it. On the left side of the page you will see the tariff offers. For example, “To communicate with MegaFon subscribers”, “For active communication” and others. Clicking on the right offer, you will see a detailed list. Select in it the desired rate. For example, choose “To communicate with MegaFon subscribers”, then the “Excellent” tariff.
On the page that opens, you will see a brief description of the tariff, and on the right side of the page - these commands, with which you can connect the selected tariff. This will be a line of the form: "* 168 * 20 #" (This line is given solely as an example. For a specific command, see the page of the area where you live). Dial the command in the phone, press the call button (green "handset"). In a few seconds you will receive an SMS message that you have connected to the selected tariff.

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