How to track the phone?

Almost every person has a mobile phone now. Modern technologies make it easy to determine the coordinates of its location, which can be very useful in some cases. The article describes several ways to track a mobile phone.

For help with a mobile operator

Many service providers offer to use their application to track the phone and determine its location. This can be very useful not only in case of loss of the apparatus, but can be useful for monitoring the movement of a child, elderly relatives, and controlling employees. This service can be both paid and free.


For example, the company "MTS" offers to use the paid service "Locator". Its cost is 10-15 rubles. In order to use it, you need to send an SMS message to the number 6677, indicating in it the number of the wanted subscriber. When the operator receives the consent of the second person, you will be told the coordinates of his location.


A similar service is provided by the mobile operator Beeline. The connection to the service itself is free, as is the first 7 days of use. And then a daily payment of only 1.7 rubles is withdrawn from the account. To activate, just send an SMS to the number 4770. Then add the name and details of the person whose coordinates you are interested in, and wait for his consent. From this point on, you can receive information about the location of the user without his additional consent.


Megafon provides its subscribers with several options for determining the location of the subscriber:

  • You can send a request to the number * 148 * subscriber number and #. The number should be dialed from +7;
  • You can call the operator on the number 0888 and clarify all the information you need.

If the subscriber at the moment of the request is outside the network coverage area or his device is turned off, then such a request cannot be processed.

Some communication companies allow you to find out the location of the phone without using additional services. All that is required of you is to dial the mobile operator and answer the questions asked.

GPS use

Created for the needs of the army, the GPS device has long been the usual assistant of millions. This system has ample opportunities: it can be used to determine one’s own and other’s location, route planning, and in some countries, when calling an alarm number, the subscriber’s location is automatically recorded.

There are several services that provide the ability to track the phone using GPS.

The easiest way is to ask a person to mark their location using social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have the necessary location sharing function. Large companies have also long ago begun to invest in the development of private social networks. Most often, they also allow you to inform interlocutors about their whereabouts.

Also, many online games installed on mobile devices request to specify your location.

If you do not have a GPS navigator on your phone, you should install a special chip that will allow you to track the phone.

You can search for companies in the network (an example is a company) that provide similar services.Most often they are paid, but you don’t have to wonder whether your child got home from school safely or where your elderly relative is.

Find my friends

For owners of iPhone and android developed an application that allows you to determine the exact location of friends who are in your notebook. Now there is no need to constantly call or write an SMS to find out where your child is and if he has reached the school; all you need to do is to open the application. Find my friends allows you to track the location and owners of other phones. To do this, send them an invitation from the application, which they must accept. After that, their location will appear on your map. This application can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

As you can see, with the help of modern technology to track the phone is quite simple. The scope of application of this function is very wide, but within the legal field to obtain information about the location of the phone is possible only with the consent of its owner.

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