How to teach a child to tell the truth

Try to understand what caused the deception of the child. Perhaps your family has developed the practice of harsh punishment for any offense, and the child is afraid of another batch of beatings or humiliations. Do not punish children if they immediately confess to misconduct, or at least mitigate the punishment as much as possible. Explain to the child: “You see, you told the truth, and I respect you for your honesty. I will understand if you were mistaken or stumbled, but I will punish you for a lie. ” In the future, keep your promise.
A child can lie if he wants to look better in the eyes of others. Perhaps he has problems with self-esteem, and he sees no other way to raise his credibility, except for stories about fictional achievements. Do not scold the child - most likely, it is not so easy for him. A person who is confident in himself, will not invent fiction - he has real merit. Talk to the child calmly, explain that such inventions will only harm - sooner or later the deception will open, and the liar will be in a very ugly position.It is better to find out what prevents him from achieving the result he dreams of - perhaps your help will be needed.
If children are accustomed to the fact that adults forbid them all interesting activities, they can lie about how they spend their time. If there are real reasons for prohibitions, talk to the child seriously and confidentially, explain your arguments and listen carefully to his objections. Perhaps you will come to a compromise.
Think about what films and programs the child is watching, what views and principles can be formed under his influence. Perhaps you should pick your own films, watch them with your children and discuss them.
If a child is lying for the sake of getting some benefits. No matter how annoyed you are, do not humiliate him or use physical violence.

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