How to teach a child to crawl?

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How to teach a child to crawl?

Crawling is one of the first opportunities for a baby to explore the world himself. The active work of muscles that were not involved earlier contributes to the overall development of the child. Learning to coordinate his movements and navigate in space, he daily discovers many new and interesting things. Moreover, the brain begins to work actively: the child thinks and makes decisions where and why to crawl. Each develops at his own pace: someone crawls earlier, someone later. Most often, this period occurs at about 6-9 months. When by this time the baby does not move independently, the parents begin to think about how to teach the child to crawl. The video, which is quite a lot on the Internet, will clearly show the exercises described in the article.

It is good if the parents initially contributed to the activity of the baby: laid it out on the tummy, so that in addition to the ceiling, walls and mother's face, he could see another world, diverse and unknown.Lying on the stomach, the child learns to hold the head, and then lean on the handles, roll over, thus more and more opportunities are opening for him. He is getting stronger physically and is faster ready to conquer new peaks.

Preparing your baby for crawling, of course, it is necessary to create favorable conditions: the child must want to crawl! What can be done for this?

  • First of all, free up space for the kid so that he has a place to move. Consequently, the crib and playpen are not the best places for training, but, for example, the carpet on the floor is the most, but in this case it is better to wear pants so that the knees are not washed.
  • Put it on the tummy, and in front of him is a bright toy or any other attractive thing for him, but so that he can get it with a pen. By the way, great for these games fit doll. Then you can try to move the subject away. The interested kid will try to make some attempts to move in his direction and here it is necessary to help, propping his feet with his palms. Being in a frog pose (lying on the stomach with two legs bent at the same time, divorced in the knees, folded in the feet), the child will start to push off reflexively, thereby moving forward.
  • The main thing is to sensitively monitor the emotional state of the baby.It is not necessary to bring the matter to tears, because it may not turn out right away. It is better to move the toy closer so that the child takes it again, and then try again to push it back a little. Exercise with pushing away can be done already in the first month of life. Of course, there’s nothing to do with this doll, but the reflex is worked out remarkably.

The next stage for the baby is to raise your tummy, and this is not easy for him. In this situation, you can use a roller, a rolled towel or a small ball. Putting any of the above under the tummy, the child can be rolled back and forth. You can also raise toddler, putting it on all fours. In this case, the mother (or dad) holds her child under the breast. In this position, the second hand can alternately rearrange the handle-legs, simulating crawling. This will help the child not only to feel his capabilities, but also strengthen his muscles. Soon enough, the baby will get used to this position and will stand without support.

So, your baby is on all fours, how to teach a baby to crawl? Crawl yourself! Children very quickly grasp and repeat everything. Moreover, these activities will be incredible fun for him, especially if the parent relaxes and sets in motion all his artistry. Soon the child with pleasure will join you.Often, at first, the children, standing on all fours, swing back and forth. Then sway, too, and at some point, push off your knees and move on. Having learned to move forward, your child will quickly orient himself later on how to rearrange the handles and legs. By the way, you can invite older children to visit. It is especially good if these are babies who are already crawling, but do not walk yet. This will speed up the process a lot.

Sometimes parents think how to teach a baby to crawl? Keep in mind that you can crawl in a variety of ways: backward, forward, forking. Sometimes a child bends two legs at once. Other options are possible. And this is all the norm. Each has its own characteristics. The main thing is not to interfere with his movement and remember that during classes the child should be comfortable, otherwise the exercises will cause him negative associations. This means that clothing must be loose, not chilling movements; the surface is smooth and not soft; legs are better than bare feet, since socks can slide along the floor and thus impede movement.

Remember, learning to crawl requires incredible effort on the part of the baby! Your support, a gentle encouraging voice,kind smile, gentle stroking, kisses are just necessary for him and will only encourage you to try even more for joy. In general, the whole process should be akin to the game and cause only positive emotions from both the parent and the baby.

And know that some kids skip this period. Perhaps it is your baby who will immediately stand on his feet and just go. The main thing is that you and your love should be with him!

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