How to sunbathe in the solarium, how much you need to sunbathe, video

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck, how many it is necessary to sunbathe

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck, how many it is necessary to sunbathe

More recently, a visit to the solarium was perceived as something far away and inaccessible, coming to us from Hollywood movies. Nowadays, most of the modern people know how to sunbathe in a tanning salon. This is an excellent substitute for expensive trips to the sea, which, moreover, you can afford not only on vacation. By combining these two types of tan, you can maintain your skin attractively tanned and healthy year-round. And what is female beauty will know firsthand.


Reading glossy magazines, or popular medical literature, you can find articles that describe what harm the solarium can do for health. A single correct opinion on this issue has not been found, but the majority still tends to official research of scientific laboratories, while the harm from the solarium is based only on a few observations of student communities or large clinics.


How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck, how many it is necessary to sunbathe


The following is a video that talks about the dangers of tanning in a tanning bed:



In the meantime, do not deny yourself a visit to the tanning salon, the main thing is to follow simple rules that tell you how to properly tan in the tanning salon. We will consider below a simple algorithm of actions that needs to be followed in order to have excellent tanned skin and not harm your body. It’s the same when you are armed with information about how to bathe in a bath and get a healing effect from the procedure, and with the right trip to the solarium you need to stock up with the necessary means.


How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck

How and how much sunbathing in the solarium



  • One of the first rules - you can not save on sunburn. Preference is better to give a little more expensive, but well-equipped interior. It is unlikely that you will enjoy being in an old, unventilated installation, with old lamps. Having a qualified employee who will be able to give you an initial briefing and examine you on whether you can sunbathe is just as important.
  • A good consultant with a medical degree is one of the main differences between a good salon.His task is to determine whether you can sunbathe, and if so, assign the number of sessions and how much to sunbathe in the solarium. Treat the words of the consultant with all seriousness, they will help make your stay in the solarium as useful for you as possible.


The more questions a consultant asks about you and your health, the better it will be for you. If in the salon you will not be asked any questions, but immediately lead to the tanning booth, we advise you to immediately turn and leave, here everyone is only interested in money, and nothing but them. Claustrophobia and tattoos on your body, chronic diseases and contraceptive use, skin diseases and surgeries, pigment spots on the body - all this will help the consultant to help you as much as possible. Tanning in a solarium has many contraindications, so if you don’t find time to consult a doctor, a good tanning salon consultant will help you.

  • For a healthy person, on average, ten sessions of 8–10 minutes are needed with intervals of two days, however, the specific time depends on several factors that are determined by the specialist.
  • In addition to the correct schedule of visits, you must properly use cosmetics. They can be purchased in the salon, but usually the prices of cosmetic products in the salons are higher than in other places. However, their use is mandatory for staying in a solarium, because means will help the skin to take ultraviolet light better, and also protect it. Even it is not necessary and to reflect on that to sunbathe in a sun deck without a cream.
  • It is also necessary to treat with caution to the places of the body for which ultraviolet light is contraindicated and they remain without protection of the cream - lips, hair, eyes and mammary glands. In this you will help glasses, lipstick, caps for the chest, cotton underwear.
  • It is necessary to enter the solarium after taking a shower, having cleaned the skin of dead skin flakes, for example, using a scrub. Do not overdo it with a washcloth, so that the skin does not dry up, be sure to use shower gel. After that, the tan will be laid on a new clean skin and thereby stay much longer.
  • After that, you can safely go to the solarium and relax. If you feel unpleasant sensations, nausea, dizziness, aching pain in the lower abdomen or a burning sensation in some place, you should contact the staff, you don’t want to search for information later than to treat a skin burn.Perhaps you did not consider something with a consultant, or you first need less time for a tanning session.


We recommend to watch another video about how to sunbathe in a tanning bed correctly.



Assume how long the tan is usually impossible. This is influenced by many factors - the choice of cosmetics, skin type, individuality of the body, the time of year, only a part of them. As practice has shown, on average, the initial tan will last for 3-4 weeks, after which it will simply begin to fade. However, do not rush to repeat the procedure, 2 times a year - the optimal number of visits to the solarium. If you still want to repeat the procedure more often - be sure to consult your doctor. That's all, now you will feel more confident when visiting a tanning salon.

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