How to stretch a fur hat

Each owner of fur treasure sooner or later there is a need to stretch. There may be several reasons for this:

  • - Fur shrink over time, especially if the technology of fur manufacture and processing of the skin was violated to preserve its elasticity;

  • - the fur hat could get wet and, upon drying, lead the inner surface of the material - the skin;

  • - also in case of its poor storage during the summer season the fur hat may be deformed

How to stretch the fur hat at home?

As in the case of boots, in special workshops they can properly stretch a fur hat. However, there are very few such devices and workshops, mainly in the places of production of such products.
You can try to do at home with improvised means. Fur cap need to steam or sprinkle with warm water, and then pull to dry on a suitable form so that it stretches.
Pick a suitable volume pot or glass jar.Foam well fur caps over the boiling kettle and pull on the prepared container.

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