How to stop loving a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife and what to do if you have stopped loving you

How to stop loving the beloved guy, man.



Useful tips for relationships are gaining increasing urgency. Nowadays, long-term relationships ending in rupture are not uncommon. Is it worth suffering forever from being exchanged for another woman? Of course, no, there are plenty of ways to get rid of memories of a relationship as soon as possible. So,how to stop loving a guy or a beloved man?


A bit of fantasy.


Imagination becomes a very effective helper, if used correctly. Imagine a former friend in the most funny situation. A valid example is that a new date on a date pours him something cold or, on the contrary, hot. Various options are welcomed, the mood rises instantly.


Another approach - dreams of your own new lover, or you can turn them into reality, will help the article how to learn to flirt with a guy and a man. Let it be a celebrity with rare beauty and charm. Actor, musician, director, businessman - not so important. It is unlikely that the former boyfriend compares with the advertising handsome, it will help to stop loving the guy.


Down with the sadness.


Trite switch.Life is fraught with a lot of interesting and new. Whether it will be hairdressing courses, learning English, immersion in the sacrament of feng shui or extreme driving - decide for yourself. The main thing is to immerse yourself in a new occupation with your head - the blues are guaranteed to evaporate. However, in no case should you force yourself - it will only get worse. It is necessary to go through a hundred lessons in order to discover something really interesting that will help you to switch effectively and out of love with your beloved man or guy.


Change of world view.


The ideal means of parting with illusions is a concrete analysis of all the qualities possessed by a former boyfriend or man. It’s impossible to criticize a traitor and a traitor on your own - feel free to attract girlfriends.Without a doubt, they will remember all its flaws to the last point - just what is required in this situation.


Independent work will bring no less benefit. Certainly there were photos. Imagine that a former lover is a commodity just sold by a seller for sale. Is there a marriage? The former lover is hardly the young George Clooney, the flaws will certainly be found, so you can stop loving him for them.


New love will help to forget and stop loving the guy.


Do you know how many people have the happiness to live on planet Earth? The figure is in the billions, and many of them are free. Sometimes it is enough just to look around to see a new candidate for the role of a man of dreams. Do not deprive anyone of attention. Perhaps your happiness is already somewhere very close. Stop being sad and look around.


How to stop loving your girlfriend, a woman?



The separation is not so often by mutual agreement of the parties. The gap often becomes a tremendous psychological stress and an ordeal for a man. However, wise people invented a great many ways to leave the state of the blues in the past, without incurring significant losses. Below are the most effective ones. So, how to stop loving a girl or beloved woman in feng shui :-)?


How to stop loving the girl's favorite photo

How to stop loving your girlfriend, woman.


Forward to the future.


For starters, it's worth imagining your couple of years so in 20. Would not you have been living with such a girl early with gray hair? Imagine what the beloved would do, after many years, if she manages to spoil your mood at the beginning of a relationship. Do you really want to drag out a miserable existence in an atmosphere of constant stress? Or is everything that happened for the better?


Does not help? Try to imagine its appearance 15, 20, 40 years later. Relive the image of your failed mother-in-law.


Attention!Oriental sages deserve to listen to them. It may be that meditation, which is usually considered the panacea for any trouble, will help you. Concentration on the problem contributes to finding very non-trivial solutions that previously simply did not occur. So, turn on a calm musical composition, relax and revive the just-completed relationship. Is the girl who abandoned you is so kind and sweet, as it seems or isa weighty reason to stop loving the girl completely?


Try in detail to imagine a meeting that happened a month or two later. Own indifference, calm greeting and so on. In your thoughts, overcome your desire to embrace her - and you are almost free.


Self-hypnosis will help to stop loving your beloved girl.


The psychologist is completely unnecessary, a home psychotherapy session can give astounding results. As often as you can imagine yourself torturing you with a poisonous snake instead of tongue. The snake constantly strives to sting anyone who dares to approach. You can invent your own version, the main thing is the regularity and sequence of actions andchance to stop loving your woman.


Say a firm "no" sadness!


Why not have a global party, your friends probably missed your society, and if you don’t have many of them, then it's time to find out where to find friends. The reason for the holiday is obvious - the newfound freedom. This girl has lost a terrific guy, but you finally got rid of difficult and not joyful relationships.


No desire to organize a grand celebration? At your service humorous concerts, cinemas, night clubs, in the end. The abundance of other girls simply can not direct your thoughts in a different direction, you yourself will not notice how your thoughts will jump in a different direction, and you will forget that you wanted to stop loving the girl, just like the girl herself.


How to stop loving your husband?



Divorce in our days, unfortunately, has become commonplace. What if this trouble did not pass you? The answer is obvious - to try as hard as you can to recover and start a new life, unburdened by unsuccessful relations with a person who does not deserve your love. The prescription is not complicated - just realize all the advantages of the situation in which you find yourself.

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