How to start a business in 2018

You will need
  • - business plan.
Determine the main idea of ​​your business. It should be so interesting that people are ready to invest money in it. Take the time to refine your idea. However, if you are really interested in doing this, then you will not feel sorry for the time.
Identify your resources. Decide what you need to start a business, and what will be needed to continue it. You must clearly understand that from the resources and materials you have already at the initial stage, and what you have to attract.
Clearly predict business development and changes in the need for resources, and therefore cash. This will allow you to identify points of attraction of borrowed funds.
A business plan is required. You can not start a business without having a clear idea of ​​what is happening.
Think about how to interest lenders in your business so that they are ready to give you money and not demand unrealistically quick returns.
Always keep your promises. Even if doing them will lead you to financial losses, believe that the loss of trust is much more critical for any business.
Provide at least three options for development: optimistic, pessimistic and real. Develop work strategies for each of the options.
Attract experts at the initial stage. This is especially important right now. Do not spare money for good legal advisers, accountants, marketing specialists, logisticians. The reliable foundation laid in the foundation of your business will pay back these investments many times.
Register all partnerships. You must stipulate and fix in writing all variants of events. Immediately determine with partners how you will share not only profits, but also losses.
In any business there must be a person who assumes the main responsibility.
All relationships with government agencies and any counterparties begin only after you are fully convinced of your choice. Otherwise, you may simply not notice how you fall into the debt trap.
Do not pursue quick profits. Putting prices "like everyone else" is the way to have a business like everyone else.Aim for your money to work, turning quickly, and not lying in the form of goods on the shelves or warehouses.

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