How to spend the prom in grade 9

At the end of grade 9, many students are asked what to do next, whether to acquire professional skills in a vocational school or college, or to continue studying at school. But it is not important. The main thing is that there comes a moment of parting with a carefree school life. Therefore, students in grade 9 must hold a graduation party in honor of the end of the school year. And let this holiday be a little different in importance from the main prom, but, nevertheless, it deserves attention.

How to celebrate graduation in grade 9

There are many different ideas about organizing graduation in the 9th grade, the main thing is that it was a fun, creative and memorable holiday. It is necessary to prepare for this event in advance - to hold a parent meeting with the children, listen to the wishes of the children and choose the option of holding a graduation party that would suit everyone. After analyzing the wishes and suggestions, parents should decide on the budget, on which depends on how “scale” the holiday will be held.

Graduation of the 9th class can be carried out according to the standard scenario - remove an inexpensive cafe, invite the host of the evening, musical accompaniment, recite poems, sing songs and perform a classical dance, which was learned for the last call. And you can spend this holiday very unusual.

Original prom ideas

  1. If the class is friendly and cheerful, then graduation can be spent on nature, making a small hike in the forest or on the river bank. For the celebration, it is recommended to choose a camp site, not a wild glade, but places in it must be booked in advance, as parents will go to the nature with the children. In nature, you can organize barbecue, active sports contests, and in the evening, preferably with a guitar by the fire, sing songs or read poems. The whole class will meet the sunset and end the evening with a small disco, but this requires the presence of previously prepared equipment. Believe me, not only children will dance around the fire, but also their parents. And this evening will be one of the most vivid memories of school life.

  2. An alternative to celebrating graduation in nature is a two-day guided tour to another city. This way you can connect the useful and enjoyable - the children learn something new and have fun together. To implement this option, you must contact the travel agency in advance, which will provide several interesting options. By the way, it can be a visit to an ancient fortress or castle, or a tour of the river on a boat with a visit to different cities along the banks of this river. Such small trips will allow children to feel a little more mature and independent.

  3. A visit to the water park, if there is one in the city, can be a great solution when choosing a venue for a graduation party. But remember that to celebrate the graduation party at the water park you need the following: the presence of a teacher and several parents who can ensure the organization of the holiday and, most importantly, the safety of children.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because having organized a non-standard graduation party for children, you will present them with the best graduation gift on the occasion of the end of the 9th grade!

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