How to set up the pid controller

Adjust the proportional component of the PID controller. Disable the integral and differential components or set the maximum to the integration constant and the differentiation constant to the minimum.
Next, set the desired setpoint for SP and mark the proportional band to zero. As a result, the PID controller will perform the functions of a two-position controller. Take readings of the transient response. Set the proportional band equal to the range of temperature fluctuations: Pb = DT.
Changing the value of this indicator, find the optimal setting at which damped oscillations will have 5-6 periods. It must be remembered that with an increase in the proportional band, the residual mismatch and the duration of transient processes increase. Further PID controller settings are designed to eliminate some errors and bring the device to the optimum level of work.
Set up the differential component of the PID controller, if applicable to your device. Change the differentiation time constant (ti = 0.2�Dt) until the oscillation graph has 5�6 decay periods. With this component, damped oscillations are eliminated, with the result that the PID controller produces static and dynamic accuracy.
Get the transient response after adjusting the proportional and differential components of the PID controller. Set the integration time constant so as to remove the residual mismatch between the setpoint and temperature values that are set in the system.

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