How to set the timer to turn off the computer on Windows 7

Activate the system function Shutdown, which allows you to set a timer to turn off the computer on Windows 7, which activates the process at a specified time. Using the Win + R combination, open the Run window and record shutdown -s -t N by pressing Enter. For N value, specify the time until the next work is completed in seconds
Read the message that the current session will be over after the designated time. As soon as the appropriate moment arrives, you will be asked to save the data and close the unfinished applications, thus avoiding the loss of information. If you need a fully automatic and fast shutdown, add the -f value to the command. You can also stop the counting at any time by typing shutdown -a.
To quickly start the shutdown timer, you can create a system shortcut for this function by clicking on the desktop and activating the necessary action.Insert the following path as the location: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ shutdown.exe -s -t and the time until shutdown. The icon can be assigned any name and image through the "Properties" menu.
Try to create a .bat file, which also allows you to conveniently put a timer on the system completion and when starting it will offer to set the desired time before the end of the session. To create a file, open Notepad and place the following code entry here:
echo off
set / p timer_off = "Set shutdown time:"
shutdown -s -t% timer_off%
Take advantage of the ability to set the shutdown timer in the standard task scheduler, launched through the Run window that you already know, by entering the value taskschd.msc. Click Create Task and set a name. Fill in the fields, specifying the time of activation of the function and assigning the parameter “Once”, as well as entering the date and time of its launch. On the “Action” tab, select “Run program”, and in the “Program or Script” line, specify shutdown by adding the –s value in the bottom line. Now the computer can automatically shut down at a specified moment.
You can use one of the many programs that allow you to turn off the computer after a certain time.The most popular are Wise Auto Shutdown, PowerOff and Airytec Switch Off. Their principle of operation is approximately the same: the user needs to enter the desired parameters to activate the function, after which the application will activate it when necessary. The convenience here is that programs can run and activate with the system, so you don’t have to enter the same data every time.

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