How to sell a factory

Before selling, hold a meeting of shareholders of the plant and draw up an act of consent of the legitimate majority to the alienation of property.
Conduct an inventory and audit. Familiarize shareholders and future owners with their results. At the final stage, the contract is registered with the institution of justice, after which the company is transferred to the buyer in accordance with the deed of transfer. The transfer of ownership is also registered in the institution of justice.
Notify all creditors with official letters about the upcoming sale of the enterprise; you will receive from their letter that they do not object.
In view of the fact that the sale of an enterprise is a major transaction, it is subject to approval by the board of directors or the general meeting of shareholders, based on the results of which the minutes are drawn up. If this transaction is a major one for the buyer, then it must also be approved by the competent authority.
Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the transaction being declared invalid.An integral part of the contract for the sale of the company is a package of documents, which includes the audit report, the inventory act, the balance sheet and the register of obligations.
It is mandatory that creditors are notified of the upcoming transaction in order to obtain their consent to transfer the debt. The contract is signed by both parties with the attachment of all the above documents.
One of the most important points of the contract is the question of price. It is agreed by the parties in writing, which is necessarily prescribed in the contract. The price is determined based on the value of all types of property of the enterprise.

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