How to save up for retirement and why it's worth doing right now

So what is a healthy retirement lifestyle?

The time has come

We emphasize and single out with a colored felt-tip pen that it is important to start a healthy retirement lifestyle before a well-deserved retirement, right today, here and now, from the first salary, from each income ...

Systems approach

Who will be surprised today by regular measurement of pressure, counting calories, controlling the number of steps taken, liters of water drunk ... A healthy lifestyle somehow adjusted the habits of many. We will not dissemble, among the call-adepts there are those who simply follow fashion, but also many who care about health and longevity. In the pension issue there is also a place for the system, control, and achievement of goals.

So, the first thing to do when deciding to switch to a healthy retirement lifestyle is to check where your funded part of your pension is formed. Today it is quite simple to do this: for example, you can contact the FIU or use the portal “Gosuslugi”.As a result, you will see real figures (the amount you have accumulated at the moment), and, using the pension calculator (available on the website of the FIU and many APFs), you will be able to estimate the amount with which you will have to spend the pension period.

How to save up for retirement and why it's worth doing right now

Impressed by the numbers they have seen, the thought of relying solely on our own strength and savings will definitely strengthen. No one, except us, will pay for our even the simplest wishes in the retirement years. Therefore, we make up a comfortable plan for raising funds for our own old age.

After evaluating your own monthly income, select the part that you can necessarily save for your own future. And the calculator will help to clarify that twenty or thirty years to maintain savings - it's a little, and a ruble or a thousand rubles a month - this is definitely not enough. This is where the sports approach begins. We define the goal by presenting how we want to spend the retirement years. We evaluate the possibilities: how much we can really save up. We adjust goals and build a plan, what financial actions we will carry out monthly to accumulate the necessary amount.

Of course, when the rules of the game change in the process, it is rather difficult to take everything into account, therefore we will distribute the deposited funds in different capsules. Who knows what will bring more income as a result?

So, in addition to preserving the sad funded part, you can independently draw up a contract with one of the non-state pension funds (NPF) as part of the non-state pension provision. The process is as follows: you regularly, for example, once a quarter, deposit a comfortable amount, the fund conducts investment activities, as a result you will have the amount collected over the years of cooperation plus investment income. However, in order not to lose the accumulated money, it is worth examining the terms of the termination of the contract, the history of the fund, the rates of return over the past years, etc.

How to save up for retirement and why it's worth doing right now

Another option - the independent purchase of shares, investing in bonds. Again, the more time to retirement, the more risky the actions may be. But it is better not to neglect the experience and knowledge of professionals, therefore we consult and think over every step.

The most familiar for those who are twenty-thirty years old, the instrument of accumulation is without doubt the bank deposit.Yes, interest rates have declined markedly over the past few years, but deposits have their advantages. For example, you can keep not long-term savings (assuming losses in case of early termination of agreements), but short-term ones, that is, regularly transfer the amount from one bank to another, taking into account the proposed conditions. We will not forget about such an advantage as the protection of deposits of up to 1,400,000 rubles. by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA).

The amount accumulated in the bank or its part can be invested, for example, in real estate. No one can say for sure whether in 30–40 years there will be the same demand for rental / purchase of housing, therefore it is risky to rely only on this option.

Focusing on currency jumps in the past, some exchange a comfortable amount every month, for example, in US dollars. The benefit becomes apparent with serious fluctuations in the course, which may be repeated tomorrow, and maybe never. Tip: keep a part of the savings in different currencies.

Simple rules

  • Pension is just a word, you shouldn’t be afraid of it in your youth.
  • Accumulations like a serious approach.
  • From each income we postpone the percentage.
  • Armed with different tools for savings.
  • We do not lose a minute.

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