How to restore Chrome (Chrome)?

Many PC users do not know how to restore Chrome if all the bookmarks have been deleted. You need to open IE browser, just open any folder. All you need is the location of the panel at the top of the window. To restore Google Chrome, copy the following line in the address bar, and replace USERNAME with your own Windows username: C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default. This folder will help you, restore your bookmarks in chrome.

If you are not sure what your username is, open the Start menu and look at the top right of the menu. You will see two bookmark files when a folder is opened. Bookmarks file contains all your current bookmarks. Bookmarks.bak contains the most recent bookmark backup. Before proceeding, check the date on the Bookmarks.bak file to make sure it was created before you deleted your bookmarks. If the file is newer, bookmarks cannot be restored.

To avoid possible problems with backing up files and before getting started. Just select the files and press Ctrl + C.Minimize all windows to show the desktop. Click on an empty space on the desktop and press Ctrl + V. This provides a backup of the original files if something goes wrong.

Now go back to the Google Chrome folder you just opened. Right-click the bookmarks and select rename. Rename the file to Bookmarks.old. Essentially, you are making this file for reading in Chrome. Next, right-click Bookmarks.bak and select rename. Rename the file to bookmark. Make sure you delete the .bak part of the name. This turns the backup file into the current bookmark file. If everything looks good, delete Bookmarks.old and the two files that you copied to the desktop.

How to restore tabs in Chrome, if accidentally closed

If you accidentally closed a tab in Google’s Chrome browser. This can be very frustrating. Chrome allows you to easily open closed tabs, even if you have closed other tabs after it. These instructions for Windows and Mac computers will show you various ways to restore or cancel accidentally closed tabs.

Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T, Chrome will open the last tab that was closed in the Windows system.In addition, Ctrl + Shift + T opens the last tab in the Mac system.

If you use the key combination again, the tab that was closed before will be opened. This can be repeated to restore the last 10 tabs that were closed during a browsing session.

Open a new tab. Recently closed tabs are located in the lower right corner of the page. You will find the last 3 tabs that were recently closed during your browser session. This works on all versions of Chrome.

How to restore history in Chrome

If you have a Google Toolbar installed or have an account on Gmail, it can store a story about a website and you can see it there. You can also try different data recovery software.

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