How to replace the hood VAZ

You will need
  • - keys for 10 and 13;
  • - flat-blade screwdriver;
  • - side cutters
Taking offhoodOn the Oka car, start by delineating the contours of the bolt washers that fasten it to the hinges. This will help to subsequently install it in the same place. After that, remove these bolts, asking the assistant to hold the hood. Having removed both bolts, remove a cowl from the car. When installing a newhoodBefore the final tightening of the bolts, check its fit to the body, the uniformity of the gaps around the perimeterhood, reliability of operation of the lock and ease of its opening.
By carWHA-2101/2102/2103/2106 for removalhoodopen it, squeeze the elastic rods by handhoodand pull them out of the holes in the bracket. Then remove the three nuts on each hinge and remove the hood. During the installation of a newhoodfocus on the traces of the old. Install it on the nuts, but do not tighten it completely. Achieve uniform clearance throughout the perimeter when closedhood. Then carefully open it, without knocking down the set position, and tighten the nuts. After checking the gaps again, make sure that the lock opens easily and locks the hood securely.
On carsWHA-2104/2105/2107 before removalhoodmark the position of the loops with a markerhood. This will install it without adjustment. Bring the supporthoodfrom the bracket on the panel frame radiator. While the assistant holds the hood, remove the mounting bolts.hoodon both hinges and remove it. During installationhooddo not forget to check the gaps between it and the wings around the perimeter and adjust if necessary. And also check the reliability of locking and ease of opening the lock.
On cars of the Samara and Samara-2 family (WHA-2108/2109/21099/2113/2114/2115) open the hood and mark the location of the mounting bolts on the bracket. Then disconnect the washer hose from the tee on the bonnet and remove the hose from thehood. Disconnect the connector from the engine compartment lamp and remove the wires from thehood. If you intend to install the samehood, tie a wire or rope to the shoe.After removing the wires, untie the rope and leave it inside.hood. When installing it will be easier to stretch the wires to the engine compartment lamp. Continuing the removal procedurehood, loosen the two mounting bolts on each hinge and remove it. Installing the old hood, put it on the made labels. This eliminates the need for adjustment. Adjust the new hood according to the described method.
By carWHA-2110/2111/2112 and the Priora family removal procedure also start by marking the washers with respect to the hingeshood. Noise isolation, rubber buffer and safety hook do not remove if all this is on the new hood. If there is a need for this, remove the safety hook by unscrewing the two mounting bolts. Rubber buffers turn out. To dismantle the noise isolation, take out the seventeen plastic caps of its fastening by hooking them up with a screwdriver. On vehicles of the Priora family, additionally cut the washer hose holder clip and remove the holder itself. Then disconnect the washer hose from its pump. Unscrew the two fastening nuts on both hinges. An assistant at this time should firmly hold the hood.Pay attention to the spring washers that are installed under the mounting nuts. Together with the assistant, remove the studs on the hood from the holes in the hinges and remove the hood.
To install a newhoodAttach it to the hinges and adjust it with enlarged holes in the hinges. Before the final tightening of the fastening nuts, cover the hood and move it so that its front edge is flush with the radiator grille. Carefully open the hood and finally tighten the nuts. After that, engage in the installation of noise insulation, rubber buffers and safety hook.

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